3 Ways to Setup a Smart Home Alarm System

Feb 20, 2019

Nothing is more gut wrenching than coming home to a broken window and missing valuables. It’s hard to decide what is worse – dealing with the police, insurance, organising repairs and replacements, or not feeling truly safe in your home anymore.

Fortunately, as technology evolves, there are more options available than ever to increase the protection of your home. At Castle Security, people ask us every day for the best way of protecting their home and family, so we came up with the 3 easiest ways of upgrading to a smart home security system today.

Upgrade your existing security system

Most homes have some form of security in place. Ranging from a simple deadbolt through to motion sensor alarm systems. Fortunately for older systems, you don’t need to do a full removal and replacement to enjoy the latest features of smart home security.

Bring your out of date motion sensor system to your handheld devices with a monitor upgrade. Products like the 3G Z-wave Gateway smart home system upgrade your existing security systems to enable smart controls via an app on your phone, tablet or computer. If you are looking for video surveillance or smart power points, a monitor upgrade allows additional devices to integrate for a state-of-the-art smart home security solution at a fraction of the price.

Build a new, smarter system

If you are feeling a bit more tech savvy and want to really customise your home protection, why not assemble your smart home system piece by piece?

Smart LED lighting can not only be remotely activated but are energy efficient and provide the ability to customise colour and brightness allowing you to set the mood for a party, evening meal or night light for the kids.

For doorway security, nothing beats an Intercom system with camera monitoring. Check out visitors prior to letting them in and know when your deliveries arrive all in high-definition from your smartphone.

Or for full CCTV coverage of a vulnerable area, turret security cameras are hard to beat with smartphone integration,30m night vision, cloud storage and two-way audio as options.


Smart Controllers

To further embrace smart technology, a smart controller can act as the thinking brain of your smart home. For top of the line, service check out our 3G Connect O2 panel which is able to handle all your home security with voice automation and one easy app.


Get all the basics in one package

For new builds, or for homeowners looking for the ultimate upgrade, ask about the My Smart Castle Smart Home Systems Package. This package is designed for the user who wants their alarm to do it all – control your lights, garage, aircon and many more devices. The control of your entire home is at your finger tips with our easy-to-use smartphone app. My Smart Castle package is the complete smart home solution – your imagination is the only limit.


Home alarm systems in Perth with Castle Security

If you want to improve the security of your home, office or warehouse, or want to talk to the most trusted security experts in Perth, call Castle Security today. With over twenty years experience in smart home alarm systems around Perth, our expert team can recommend the ideal security solution to protect you and your family.

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