4 Contactless Security Products To Keep Business Safe of COVID-19

Mar 31, 2021

Following the outbreak of COVID-19 across the globe in 2020, businesses are increasingly turning to technology that will help their employees stay safe in the face of the pandemic’s threat to everyday health and safety measures.

As high fives and handshakes have become a thing of the past, it’s clear that increased cleanliness strategies in the workplace may be the ‘new normal’ for years to come.

If your business has experienced this transition away from shared utensils and towards touchless s stations, it may be time to invest in some long-term strategies that will help improve your building’s cleanliness, and will also ensure your employees feel safe when they come to work each day.

Some of the most effective long-term strategies for your business involve contactless security measures. These touch-free products are seeing a huge surge in popularity across the globe – so, we’ve compiled a list of contactless security products that our expert security team can help fit out your premises with.

  • Contactless access control technology

For the purposes of strong building security, having full visibility and control over entry and exit points is crucial. In this vein, implementing a way for employees or other relevant people to enter and exit your premises without physically touching anything is a necessity while COVID-19 looms.

Contactless access control can be arranged with sensors, so someone only has to hover near an enter or exit button for it to be activated. This is a sanitary and simple way to keep your employees or building visitors safe when entering or exiting your premises.

  • Face mask detection

Depending on the severity of COVID-19 or the phase of lockdown at the time, mask-wearing may become mandatory in your building’s location. Installing specific face mask detection analysis could help your building become COVID-compliant by accurately detecting whether people are wearing a mask. This detection software prompts an alert if someone isn’t wearing a mask, so you’ll be able to pinpoint any potential hazards and ensure masks are a standard at your workplace.

  • Occupancy counting analytics

It’s more important now than ever to keep tabs on how many people are entering or exiting your premises. To ensure you’re meeting the legal State capacity and social distancing requirements, consider installing analytics-enabled cameras at entry and exit points that can detect human activity, and will be able to track occupancy within your building at any given time – thus removing the need to do this manually, or ask visitors and employees to sign in every day.

  • Contract tracing technology

In the event of a local COVID-19 outbreak, contact tracing is key to understand where an infected person had travelled – and thus, who in the general public will also need to be tested and self-isolate as they had visited the same venues. By implementing contact tracing technology in your premises, you’ll be able to utilise robust information to determine which employees were in the same rooms or areas during the same time frame as a potentially infected employee.

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