7 Home Security Tips to Prevent Burglary

Jan 30, 2019

While crime in WA may be on the decline, there are still multiple home invasions that occur across WA every day.

To help protect your home and family from a home invasion, we have assembled seven tips on how to prevent domestic burglary. Or, you can call the team at Castle Security today for expert advice and high-tech home security equipment.


Befriend your neighbours

In your street, apartment building or set of units, you have access to the best, free security system available – watchful neighbours. In addition to potentially making lifelong friends, knowing your neighbours can help prevent would-be burglars by doing tasks such as collecting your bins and mail while you are away, or parking their car in your driveway.


Hide away expensive items

While having big windows lets wonderful natural light in during the day, they also put your valuables on display from the street. If your brand-new Ultra-HD television, laptop or phone are clearly visible from your front yard, you might become a tempting target. It’s best to have your blinds drawn whilst you’re out during the day or asleep in the evening to prevent any passers-by looking into your property more than they should be. If it is visible, it is vulnerable.


Keep everything locked

Sometimes the small things can be best defence against break-ins. When looking for an entry point, every failed attempt at a locked door or window deters a thief from trying again. The opposite of course is also true. If just turning your doorknob is all it takes to get in, your home becomes an open invitation to unexpected visitors. Lock up before you leave.

It’s best practice to upgrade your gates, install a deadbolt and always change the locks when you move to a new home. You cannot know how good the last resident was with home security.


Smart home systems

No matter if you are away for a weekend or for a long holiday, the best way to deter criminals is for your home to appear occupied. Installing smart home systems like lighting, doorbells and cameras can allow you to appear home with a few keystrokes, even when on the other side of the world.


CCTV camera systems

No one likes being caught on camera – consider installing home security cameras around your home’s high-risk entrances or windows. Cameras easily spotted help make your home look well defended, or if unnoticed, footage can help police find the thieves and return your items.


Alarm systems

For the ultimate protection, house alarm systems tell you exactly when you have an unwanted visitor. Ask at Castle Security for our range of alarm solutions including smart security that can be operated from your devices.


Deterrence signs

To stop potential burglaries, the best deterrent is to make your home appear well protected. If you have installed any of Castle Security’s equipment, don’t keep it a secret. A high-quality sign can save you the pain of a home invasion by warning thieves that your home is a hard, secure target.


Home security in Perth with Castle Security

If you want the best protection available for your home, put your trust in Castle Security today. We have spent over twenty years protecting Perth homes and offices, and have a security solution ideal for your West Australian home.

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