The Access Control Security

May 20, 2021

What is Access Control?


In basic terms, access control is a security technique, that consists of 2 main components:

Authentication and Authorization.

Authentication – is just that, it verifies that someone is who they claim to be.

Authorization – then determines at what level this person should have access to whatever they are attempting to do, whether it be simply entering the building, or gaining access to company data.

The two types of access control are physical, which refers to meeting rooms, buildings and physical business assets, and logical, which observes and monitors digital connections to networks, sensitive data and various computer files. The benefits of installing access control systems can include a reduced likelihood of break-ins following a switch to electronic keys, remote access capabilities, and customisable access controls for each employee, which can be managed on a case by case basis.

Why is Access Control important?

Above all else, access control security is crucial in minimising your business’ risk, both digitally and in an intrapersonal sense. These systems are primarily installed with the aim of protecting confidential information such as customer data, business-sensitive networks and files, and intellectual property.

Alongside this minimisation of risk, access control is also a sure-fire way to instil peace of mind in your business’ employees and wider security plans. By utilising state-of-the-art, modern technologies, access control systems can launch your business’ security division into the cloud, and can therefore provide a more sophisticated, overarching experience to your employees and management teams alike.

How does Access Control work?

Once your business has installed an access control system, employees will typically be assigned a form of identification that monitors how they move around within the company and controls who has access to restricted business assets or physical locations. This employee identification can take a number of forms, including multi factor authentication, biometric scans, passwords or PIN numbers.

Typically, access control will be integrated into a business’ IT environment and practices. This works by adding new employees to the access control system, and allowing IT administrators to establish permissions based on workflows and job responsibilities.

What are the best Access Control systems on the market?

There are many Access Control software systems to choose from, but it’s crucial you consider all of your business’ security requirements and needs before making your decision. Certain access control software can include features like policy enforcement tools, simple reporting functionality, and tools that assist with password storage and management.

Castle Security is one of only a few companies who are officially licensed to install Gallagher security products – a world-leading supplier of integrated Access Control products here in Western Australia.

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