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Security is a vital component of an efficient business, and a crucial aspect of feeling safe and secure in your home. Castle Security knows you have put real effort into making your home or business in Ellenbrook, and we are here to help you keep it safe and under your control with only the biggest and most reliable brands offering the best products for you.

Our Security Solutions

Castle Security is your trusted partner in creating and maintaining a complete, multidimensional security system that protects you, your home, your business or your property from invasion and harm. We offer all the products and services needed to keep you safe.

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24 Hour Monitoring

Castle Security can ensure your property is under careful watch at all times.

We can install monitoring systems that send a live feed from surveillance cameras, so either we can keep an eye on your property, or your can from your smart devices.


Access Control

One cornerstone of a good security protocol is access control. Restricting access to your property with automated locking and unlocking systems, and monitoring entry and exit from the property is an excellent tool for keeping a property safe.

This is especially true in apartment or commercial complexes, where a large number of people may be moving through entry points on any given day. Combining access control with 24 hour monitoring and intercoms can be very important to ensuring the security of the location.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are one of the standard features of a security system for both home and commercial use. Not only are they a deterrent to invaders, they are able to integrate with other security features to exponentially increase the capacity and capability of your system.

Alarms may be vocal or silent, may alert emergency services or a private security firm, and can keep a log of alarm events and triggers. Sensitivity of the sensors can be altered to cater to pets or smaller movements.

Systems can also be scaled from small homes to large halls or major complexes.


The biggest benefit of security in the digital age is the extraordinary level to which security can be automated to serve your needs.

As with alarms that automatically alert security firms or maintain logs of triggers and activity, access control systems can be set to lock or unlock depending on time and day of the week, CCTV can be integrated with alarm systems and access control to record for set periods after triggers and entries.

The sky really is the limit, and Castle Security can deploy the best of products to create an efficient and adaptable automated system.


Closed circuit television allows you to keep a visual record of your property for extended periods of time.

It also allows you to maintain surveillance on areas of your property that may not be easily accessed at all times.

This might be important for properties that are especially large, or in complexes with sophisticated architecture and design.

Electric Fencing

Electrified fencing is often useful in protecting livestock from moving beyond your property, and to protect them from predators.

However, electric fencing can also be used to add a layer of security to standard fencing, protecting your property from invaders scaling even high fences.


State of the art intercoms allow you to get a clear, colour video picture of your visitors, along with crystal clear two-way voice communication and access control, all delivered to a cordless phone or wall-mounted units within your home.

You can also rest assured that your intercom will provide you a clear picture for evening visitors with a night-vision camera.


Castle Security can help you install a properly rated fire safety system that is appropriately automated and connected to emergency services, so you are always fire ready.


We are always happy to discuss your security needs and give you a free, no obligation quote.

We have decades of experience to draw on to provide you with an accurate estimation of your needs and the costs involved in making your security system work for you.

Contact us today to start the ball rolling on the best security for your home or business in Ellenbrook.

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