Batteries: The Often Ignored But Important Factor in Home Security Systems

Jul 5, 2018

Keeping your home security system in working order is vital to keeping your home secure! During the lifetime of your home security system, your system will need a little TLC to make sure it is running correctly, which may mean needing to replace a battery.
Security systems have traditionally been connected to homes and businesses via cables, allowing them to tap into the existing electricity and eliminating any need for batteries. However, with technological improvements moving towards wireless systems, many systems are relying more heavily on battery power.

Longer Lasting

You might think that using battery power for your system might make it unreliable, or think that the battery will need to be constantly changed to keep things secure. Both are valid concerns, but we wouldn’t sell any products that would compromise your security!
The batteries we use at Castle Security are lasting longer and getting better, and we continuously seek the best batteries and solutions on the market to ensure the security systems we provide and install will perform optimally. Your security system in Perth is in safe hands with Castle Security.

What We Have on Offer


Home Alarms

The main home alarm battery we carry is the 12v 7Ah Alarm Battery, which is the standard in alarm systems. This battery is used as a backup if the main power supply is cut or goes out, such as during a severe thunderstorm when the power goes out unexpectedly, or during scheduled power line maintenance around your property.


Wireless Systems

A common battery we use for our wireless systems is the CR123A (3v). We also use small 9v batteries in some of our systems.


Smaller Systems

For smaller systems, such as panic buttons, we use a smaller battery. This allows our customers to have a panic button behind the bed or in other inconspicuous places.
We also use CR2032 batteries in key ring style arming systems, which allows you to arm and disarm your home security as you come up to, or leave the house.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Castle Security to discuss any needs for your security system in Perth – from products to batteries to installation, we can support you through it all.

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