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There is nothing more important than knowing your home, family, and most valued possessions are safe. Having a reliable and robust home security system can provide you with that peace of mind and ultimate sense of security whether you are home, at work, or away on holiday.

Our Home Security Solutions

Castle Security is able to provide you with a range of security products and services or we can work with you to provide an integrated security solution that suits your home and needs for any location in or around Joondalup.

We only use trusted, reliable brands that have earned a great reputation over many years of business. We have many years of experience ourselves in using these brands and can recommend the best suited features for your set up to ensure the safety of your business.

24 Hour Monitoring

Castle Security can provide you with a security system that is capable of providing constant 24/7 monitoring of your home.

A security system may include movement sensors at key locations – in any room of your house, or on the perimeters and exterior facades of your home.

Sensors can be used to trigger an alarm system that alerts you in the home, on your phone, or call security services. It may also be set to trigger a CCTV system to operate.

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Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are the bread and butter of modern home security – our systems have a range of features that can add layers of security to your home or can be used to interact with a broader security protocol.

Castle Security offers a range of singular alarm products to full packages to tailored solutions.

No matter what your situation is, we have an option for you.

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Current automation technology gives you much greater control over your home’s security system as well as various other set ups around the house such as appliances, lighting, electricity, and more.

A sophisticated home automation system allows for heightened property security as well as peace of mind knowing you can access the live security footage of any room at any time and that all devices and appliances that need to be off are off.

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CCTV, or closed circuit television, is a system of cameras within your location that may either constantly record movement in and around the home, or may be triggered to record upon detection of movement by a sensor.

CCTV may also be triggered by a doorbell or intercom system, so you can see who visits your home.

CCTV is an excellent defense merely by its presence, as cameras alone can be a deterrent to potential trespassers, but also in their actual function they can provide you with a clearer image of your security.

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Intercoms allow you to converse and even see who is ringing your doorbell.

You may also install multiple units inside and out, or handheld phone units that allow you to see who’s there wherever you are in the home.

We offer a range of intercoms from traditional, to wireless, video, and room-to-room in a variety of trusted brands.

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