Nurse Call Systems

Medical security solutions to keep patients safe

Technology’s role in healthcare is becoming more sophisticated. From hospitals to aged care homes, day surgeries to dentistry clinics, medical security solutions like nurse call systems are advancing patient care. And providing peace of mind for patients, families and staff.

Our IP nurse call systems streamline the way health professionals work, providing more of the information staff need at crucial moments.

What is an IP nurse call system?

IP (internet protocol) nurse call systems send a host of information to healthcare staff instantly at the touch of a button. Doctors and nurses can access contextual information instantly, allowing them to provide more effective and efficient care. And they don’t need to wait until the patient triggers a duress alarm.

Partner with Castle Security Systems for more advanced medical security

Castle Security is proud to be trusted as a medical security partner for many of Australia’s leading healthcare providers. Our solutions not only increase patient safety (and peace of mind) but also streamline workflow for busy nurses and administration staff. Plus, with comprehensive and cost-effective business security solutions available, we save our clients time and money by providing an all-in-one security partnership.

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