Commercial Access Control

The Gallagher security system is really the heavy hitter of the security world. High end at its best, it suits a diverse client base across a wide spectrum of industries, comprising the larger companies and corporations, with a focus on eliminating risk and minimising loss.

The process to get started is just 3 steps but on a larger scale, and the follow up and ongoing service is our priority here at Castle Security.

Industries Best Suited to the Gallagher System

Commercial - Industrial -

From large company buildings, apartment blocks to industrial warehouses, we offer the latest technology to maintain complete site control.

Government -

Offers complete control of the most sensitive security installations. Critical sites, from utilities and civil infrastructure, to correction and defense facilities.

Construction - Mining -

On site access control is vital on mining sites, keeping track of what staff is where at all times, granting and denying access where needed.

Healthcare -

Secure – High dependency patients

Restrict – Unauthorised access to medication

Protect – Staff, patients and high risk facilities such as Newborn Intensive Care units.

Higher Education - Universities -

Maximise staff and student safety. Granted access to select personnel to control student information, results and overall admin.

Our Easy 4 Step Process to Set Up Your NEW Security System



We visit you at your premises, we listen and take note of your biggest concerns and vulnerabilities.  We then give our expert advice to achieve your goals, within your budget.                                      



We devise the best solution to suit your individual needs and put together a comprehensive and detailed quote, aimed at getting you moving forward as fast as possible.



Our Project Manager and technicians will proceed with your installation, keeping you as involved and updated as you would like to be, until your job is completed.                               



On completion, we give you a comprehensive handover, remaining steadfast as your security partner, offering both training to use your system and a yearly maintenance plan.