Commercial Access Control

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Gallagher Access Control goes beyond traditional Security, utilising complete site management solutions that open possibilities to new and exciting procedures and practices within your business, making sure all levels of compliance and security are achieved at the highest level.

Access Control Solutions

  • With Gallagher, flexibility makes for an incredibly versatile product, having a complete integrated solution connect all aspects of your security back to Gallagher’s incredibly powerful Command Center.
  • The Command Center can efficiently manage multiple access points across multiple sites to control risk, improve business efficiency and ensure business continuity.
  • Some key Features to a Gallagher Access Control System:
  • Set door and zone access rules.
  • Monitor entry points, knowing when, where and why people are on-site at all times.
  • Integrate with existing HR systems to maintain site access sharing information about, Licenses, Permits, Credentials and other information.
  • Enforce business health and safety policies and compliance with government regulations.
  • Competencies for cardholders.
  • Visitors can be welcomed and managed easily either in person or via a Kiosk or similar, ensuring your duty of care and health and safety obligations are met.
  • Rapidly respond with a reliable and effective emergency management system, including lockdowns and alerts.
  • Smart system managing allows for lighting, heating, ventilation and air-conditioners to be controlled, depending on who is on-site and what areas they have access to.
  • Integrate your existing or install new intruder alarm systems that work seamlessly with Gallagher and can be easily monitored 24/7 by an alarm monitoring station.


Complete Site Management

Gallagher Command Center

Gallagher Command Centre is a powerful and versatile software solution, designed to help you easily and simply manage access control on your site. Completely customizable to suit the unique needs of each business, Command Centre allows you to configure, manage and report on all aspects of your access control system.

  • Manage Cardholders, including but not limited to, cards/fobs/mobile credentials,  photo identification and of course, access.
  • Monitor and control all aspects of alarms and events easily.
  • Retrieve and report stored system information.
  • Interface easily to third party systems allowing information to exchange.
  • Uniquely configure the site and all system components.


Gallagher T-Series Card Readers

Access control hardware

Gallagher Hardware, integrated alongside Gallagher Command Center offers a powerful security solution, Gallagher’s hardware is versatile and robust.

  • Gallagher Card Reader range not only looks slick but also provides rapid, secure access control management. All Gallagher readers are completely contactless, with built in IP68 environmental protection and IK07 for impact protection.
  • Gallagher Controllers are the brains between the Command Centre server and hardware on the site. Being modular, Gallagher Controllers offer flexible configuration options with straightforward system architecture, whilst also remaining a cost-effective option.


Industries that benefit from a Gallagher Access Control Solution

Commercial - Industrial -

From large company buildings, apartment blocks to industrial warehouses, we offer the latest technology to maintain complete site control.

Government -

Offers complete control of the most sensitive security installations. Critical sites, from utilities and civil infrastructure, to correction and defense facilities.

Construction - Mining -

On site access control is vital on mining sites, keeping track of what staff is where at all times, granting and denying access where needed.

Healthcare -

Secure – High dependency patients

Restrict – Unauthorised access to medication

Protect – Staff, patients and high risk facilities such as Newborn Intensive Care units

Higher Education - Universities -

Maximise staff and student safety. Granted access to select personnel to control student information, results and overall admin.

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We visit you at your premises, we listen and take note of your biggest concerns and vulnerabilities.  We then give our expert advice to achieve your goals, within your budget.                                      



We devise the best solution to suit your individual needs and put together a comprehensive and detailed quote, aimed at getting you moving forward as fast as possible.



Our Project Manager and technicians will proceed with your installation, keeping you as involved and updated as you would like to be, until your job is completed.                               



On completion, we give you a comprehensive handover, remaining steadfast as your security partner, offering both training to use your system and a yearly maintenance plan.

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