Commercial Intercom Systems

Manage visitors the smart way and keep your people safe with a business intercom system from Castle Security.

Gone are the days of crackly door phones and concierge staff in apartment buildings. Castle Security are installing smart video intercoms and wireless intercom phones that link directly with building security, alarm systems, access control devices and even smart home systems.

Isn’t it time your front door got an upgrade?

Benefits of a business intercom system

Business intercom systems provide an added layer of security, as well as a sleek and techy first impression for visitors to your business.

  • Greet visitors from anywhere
  • Allow (or deny) access remotely
  • Observe door for security
  • Communicate with visitors
  • Schedule access for delivery drivers
  • Install emergency assistance for medical purposes
  • Integrate with a business security system for total control

Multi-level apartment systems

Apartment living has taken off in Australia, and residents are demanding the best quality finishes in their new homes. Video intercom systems are that added touch that makes a resident’s life easier and more stylish.

Castle Security designs, installs and upgrades to the latest in wireless and wired intercom technology for apartment buildings around Australia. Talk to a commercial security expert today to find out how we supply affordable solutions at scale.

What to consider when choosing a business intercom system

Business intercom systems take many forms. From external communication with visitors to internally linked systems, Castle Security supplies flexible solutions to suit every office, apartment building, industrial facility, school and medical facility.

Commonly wired into the outside of a building, usually, at the front door or gate, Visitors can communicate with a person inside when they arrive at the business. The person inside can then control whether a person can access the property.

Traditional intercoms are typically wired-in during construction or renovation but can be easily added afterwards in most cases. They can include a keypad to enter codes, which is handy for buildings with multiple apartments or businesses.

Wireless intercoms are a solution for heritage buildings or established offices, or where wires can’t be run. There are some restrictions in how far the sender and receiver can be apart, however, there are flexibility options likes 4G intercom systems which allow unlimited distance. Businesses can sync multiple sites if required.
Video intercoms are popular within busy offices and apartment buildings as they allow the receiver to communicate with the visitor. Most video intercom systems are wired-in to provide a clear, consistent image inside the building. The image is received on a wall panel, phone or smart device, where the occupant or employee can control access or perform many other functions.
Intercom systems allow for people within a business to communicate directly with one another, such as alerting when a visitor arrives or communicating between meeting rooms. Internal systems can be wired-in to a new build or wireless in an established property.

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