Can a Home Security System Reduce My Yearly Home and Contents Insurance Premiums?

Mar 3, 2017

Home and contents insurance is an important policy that every homeowner must possess. While it’s an essential policy, one that you wouldn’t want to find yourself without should an incident occur, it is possible to reduce the insurance premiums you pay.

Along with increasing the excess and shopping around for the best deal available, you can reduce the insurance premiums you pay by installing an alarm system and home security cameras in your Perth property and upgrading the locks and deadbolts to the latest standards.

Castle Security is Perth’s leading provider of home security alarm and CCTV camera systems and our team of residential security experts welcomes the opportunity to deliver an innovative security solution that reduces your insurance premiums and provides you with peace of mind.


The Benefits of Investing in a Home Security Solution

While paying lower insurance premiums is great, having security alarms installed at your Perth home provides more than reduced premiums, it delivers a number of benefits that include the following:

Whether you reside in a comfortable suburban home in Joondalup or a sprawling estate in Dalkeith, a security alarm system specifically designed with the layout of your property, lifestyle and other important factors in mind is an excellent investment that delivers many notable benefits.


How an Alarm System Reduces Your Insurance Premiums

Home insurance companies realised a long time ago that the more secure their customers’ homes are, the lower the risk of break-ins and related incidents. And as the fewer claims that are made the greater their profits, all insurance companies are willing to reduce premiums if customers make their homes more secure. This means that upgrading your Perth home’s security levels with a custom-designed alarm and CCTV camera system can lower your premiums, offsetting the cost of the security system over time.

You’ll have to talk to your insurer about reducing your premiums and it may be advantageous to switch to a new insurance company if they offer you lower premiums as a result of installing a security system. What’s more, you may also need to upgrade the locks on all doors and windows as the insurer will look at all aspects of home security before they agree to lower premiums.  

To learn more about our residential alarm systems and the services we provide which can help you to enjoy lower insurance premiums and offset the cost of the security system we design and install for you, please get in contact with Castle Security, Perth’s security specialists.  

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