Castle Security Steps Up Perth Security Systems During COVID

Nov 3, 2020

Castle Security recently featured in a Nine News segment outlining the rising importance of home security during lockdown.

But that was only part of the story: while home security camera demand has shot up, we are also rolling out biosecurity innovations across commercial premises, aged care homes and residences to keep Australia’s most vulnerable people safe.


  • Online enquiries in security systems from Castle Security up more than 250%
  • 40% increase in traffic to Castle Security’s website when searching online for security systems, resulting in a 360% increase in enquiries from Google search alone
  • Biosecurity systems, especially thermal body imaging, expected to be rolled out nationwide







Rather than retreat, here at Castle Security we met the security threats related to coronavirus head-on.

By marketing our solutions to the business and homeowners at risk, and maintaining focus on long-term planning for our clients, we are emerging from the pandemic with increased capability to tackle novel security threats.

What changed for Perth security companies during COVID-19?

Castle Security Perth manager Louis Thorp said the pandemic “woke the world up to a threat many of us never expected.”

In the height of the pandemic during April and May, Castle Security made a targeted push online to meet increased search activity with information about our security solutions. We experienced a 250%+ jump in website enquiries compared to the previous year and nearly 40% more people visited our website from search engines. Compared to last year, 360% more people took action once they reached the website.

These figures mirror Australia’s online search behaviour: Google searches for biosecurity peaked in March, with twice the volume of the same time last year. Online tradie listing website hipages reported a 67% jump in Australians looking for home security alarms.

Security fears are bound to creep in while it feels like the world is upside down. We are helping our clients to respond to immediate security concerns with solutions that will safeguard them into the future.

“Moving forward, I believe the security industry will play an important role in adapting to future challenges like pandemics”

What will the future of Australian security systems look like?

Here are three big changes we believe are here to stay.

Biosecurity Devices

Louis points to the example of a large client in the Aged Care sector who benefited from an upgraded camera system.

“The client was obviously concerned for the health of the people living and working in the complex,” he said.

“Residents wanted action taken. We ended up installing thermal body temperature cameras to scan everyone’s temperature before they are allowed to visit”.

Home Security Cameras

Castle Security has seen a surge in requests for home security cameras systems. As reported by Nine News, in just 6 weeks alone demand for home CCTV systems rose more than 20%.

It seems homeowners are following the trend of commercial security systems: increasingly, homeowners are inquiring after heat-sensing cameras.

Gary Hickey of Hikvision Australia, our partner and whose biosecurity devices we proudly supply, also spoke to Nine News about the rising demand for thermal imaging cameras.

“I think we’ll see them everywhere pretty much,” he said.

“Aged care, independent living, schools, hospitals, pubs, clubs”.


Smarter approach to Health & Safety

In New South Wales, a team of 80 public transport employees will use 11,000 cameras to monitor and enforce social distancing on trains. We’re aiming to make this kind of labour-intensive monitoring obsolete by supplying security cameras capable of measuring distance and body temperature simultaneously in crowded places.

“We have already seen access control manufactures bringing out contactless access points and CCTV systems which can pick up body temperatures and measure the distance between people,” said Louis.

Access control systems that link directly into CCTV cameras provide heightened security control to enable no-contact deliveries, social distancing, and body temperature monitoring all in one smart system.

What’s next for the security industry?

Our clients around Australia continue to seek ways to keep commercial and residential premises protected from external threats. And as the nature of those threats evolves, so will Castle Security.

“As threats and dangerous situations arise, the security industry must be ready to adapt and pivot to help keep the world and you as safe as possible,” said Louis.

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