Catch Santa Using Your CCTV System!


Santa Claus. Father Christmas. Saint Nicholas. Kris Kringle.

No matter what you know him as, there’s no denying he’s a man who breaks into your house, eats your food, leaves his footprints and gets away with it YEAR AFTER YEAR.

But despite his break & enter tendencies, we’re still BIG FANS of the big guy!

As children, our whole team at Castle Security were all a little obsessed with trying to catch Santa – from setting up the odd booby trap to try to catch Santa in the act to staying up late to try to hear the sound of the reindeer hoofs thumping on the roof.

Kids today are no different, except now they have the power of Google to help them find the right way to ambush Santa while he delivers gifts to your home.

If your kids are keen to catch Santa in the act this year, there is only one safe solution: Castle Security’s CCTV systems – powered by’s seasonal Santa Security feature.

How to Catch Santa with Castle Security

There are five key steps to catching Santa on your CCTV system, proving once and for all that the man in red visited your house to bring presents to your kids.

Castle Security smart home security cameras are powered by technology, therefore if you have a smart home security camera from us, you can catch Santa on CCTV.

Step 1: Open Up the App
This is where the magic happens! Before you set up your plan to catch Santa, you will need to ensure you have downloaded the most up-to-date version of the app.

Once you’ve got the app open, pick a live video stream from one of the compatible security cameras in your home.

We recommend selecting a camera feed from near your front door or in your living room near the Christmas tree for the best backdrop.

Step 2: Tap the Santa Icon
The Santa icon will appear in the top right-hand corner of video feed. When you click on the icon, the app will snap a still image from the CCTV system’s live feed.

Step 3: Pick the Santa That’s Visiting Your Home
With the still image snapped, it’s time for Santa to make an appearance! There are colour and black & white options of Santa for you to choose from – full-colour Santa works for daytime snapshots, while black & white Santa works for night-mode snapshots.

If Santa looks a little out of proportion or like he’s in the wrong spot, you can resize and move him as required.

Step 4: Show Your Kids the Photographic Proof
When your little loves come bounding into your bedroom as soon as the sun is up on Christmas Day, it’s time to show them irrefutable evidence that Santa visited your home during the night!

Step 5: Share the Christmas Magic with Your Family & Friends
Sharing the magic of Christmas with friends and family is the best part of the holiday season, so make sure to share your snapshot of Santa via message, social media or old-school email.

If you share your picture to socials, make sure you use the hashtag #SantaSecurity.

Set up Santa Security with Castle Security

Give yourself the gift of home security this Christmas (and catch the big guy in the act) with a reliable, innovative CCTV system from Castle Security.

At Castle Security, we are an partner, so you’re guaranteed to have everything you need to keep the spirit of Santa alive through the magic of CCTV.

Contact the team at Castle Security today to help you capture Santa on CCTV and protect your home year-round.

Castle Security wishes you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

Be safe over the seasonal holidays!