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CCTV Cloud Storage

From Just $10 Per Month

Gone are the days of accidentally erasing security footage or losing surveillance video to theft. CCTV cloud storage is revolutionising the industry by making security systems more secure, more accessible and easier to use.


Eliminate Risk

Having secure offsite storage eliminates theft or damage risk.


24/7 Live Stream

With cloud backups you can watch live and receive instant alerts.


Anytime Access

Access past footage easily from anywhere using our intuitive mobile app.

Home Security System

Join the Cloud Storage Revolution Today

Gone are the days of overwriting or losing security footage.
Now you have all the security you need – in the palm of your hand.

Upgrade or Start New

We can set you up with a brand new cloud system  OR  if you already have a Hikvision CCTV system setup with 8 or less cameras we can help give your system an additional layer of features & security

The Ultimate Home or Business Solution

Using the intuitive mobile app, you can set up motion detection alerts, monitor your CCTV from wherever you are, download and share videos, and access stored videos for much longer than on-site NVR systems allow.

Why Cloud?

✓   Secure offsite storage eliminates theft or damage risk

✓   Access past footage easily from anywhere

✓   Download, clip & share footage through mobile and web apps

✓   Less wires in your home or business

✓   Watch live & receive instant alerts

✓   Minimal IT support required and no network management

✓   Security updates & improvements automatically rolled out

✓   Rapid scalability without new recording hardware

✓   Features and functionality are always improving

Get Your CCTV Cloud Storage Today

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