Coloured CCTV: Hikvision’s Latest Offering is Changing the CCTV Game

Apr 1, 2021

CCTV camera systems have come a long way since their blurry, black-and-white launch on the market decades ago.

As security products continue to evolve, develop and advance, the traditional CCTV camera has undergone many upgrades. One of the most exciting to hit the market in Western Australia is the coloured CCTV camera system, which promises to produce vibrant and colourful video footage even in the darkest environments.

These newly developed coloured cameras mean that pixelated, black-and-white CCTV footage is a thing of the past. Now, home and business owners will have the ability to view their premises in clear detail and full colour saturation – making it simpler to spot finer details such as number plates or distinct features of people if a crime or intrusion was committed in the dead of the night!

Curious as to which CCTV cameras offer this ground-breaking colour technology on the Australian security market? Say hello to the revolutionary ColourVU Camera by Hikvision.

Introducing the ‘ColourVU Camera’ by Hikvision

Hikvision has been a key innovator in CCTV technology over the past few years – and its signature ColourVu Technology is impressively able to capture specific details in low light environments. This is thanks to its high-sensitivity sensors and advanced lenses that allow more light to enter them; therefore increasing overall image brightness.

These cameras also feature a special type of optical glass that reduces light flare and can accurately recreate an image’s colour saturation and specific sharpness.

Hikvision Colorvu Camera

When they were first designed, these cameras were placed in extreme light conditions to make sure they’d withstand dark, dim or dreary real-world environments. As a result, the cameras are all equipped with a small, warm supplemental light to ensure the final captured footage will feature soft colours and no harsh discoloration or warping.

Practical use of ColourVU technology

The most common and useful place for these high-tech CCTV cameras are outside of commercial and residential buildings. Placing them at entry and exit points means you’ll have a solid overview of any activity occurring outside of your premises, and recorded footage in case of any potential intruders or hazards.

The cameras can also be strategically placed in outdoor parks or recreation areas. As they operate with a night-time illumination light, they are a great way to ensure members of the community feel safe when walking or exercising outdoors once the sun goes down; as their movements and any potential incidents will be recorded with clear, high quality coloured vision. For this same reason, the cameras are also a popular choice for those wanting to monitor activity in dark car parks.

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