Commercial Intercom Systems

Aesthetically pleasing yet simple, the Aiphone communication system, satisfies a broad range of needs, whether it be in an apartment block, education facility, or in the medical community. Aiphone is trusted to give you excellent assurance of who gains access to your place of business or residence. Perfect for complex buildings with a mix of residential and commercial systems.

Providing identification of visitors using a color monitor, with automatic door unlocking. This intercom combines both the convenience and crime-prevention functionality required in many types of business, where security is at the forefront.

The IX Series 2 is an IP network-based communication and security system featuring video entry security, internal communication, emergency stations, and paging. All units
and app in the systems can unlock doors remotely on a network, assist onsite visitors from an offsite location, broadcast emergency announcements, and communicate using a PoE network

Industries that benefit from an Aiphone Intercom Solution


Large commercial buildings, large apartment blocks the mixed residential and commercial buildings, are all suited to this system.

Government –

Critical sites, utilities and the most secure installations.

Construction – Mining –

Remote sites and anywhere a precise count of staff is required.

Healthcare –

Late night locked facilities, protects staff, patients and high risk facilities such as Newborn Intensive Care units.

Higher Education – Universities –

Locked sections of the buildings, requiring visitor access, shared accommodation and after hours access.

Our 4-Step Process To Maximizing Security And Minimizing Risks



We assess your premises and take note of your requirements, security goals and budget.


Strategic Planning

We formulate a powerful security plan, specially designed to align with your vision.



We execute the plan and continuously monitor it and track its progress and effectiveness.



We constantly update our services and optimise our security plans to ensure that they continuously deliver