Deter Shoplifting at Your Retail Store With CCTV

Jan 25, 2021

A CCTV security system uses a series of video cameras to monitor a select area of space – and while CCTV cameras are often synonymous with home or large premises’ security, they are becoming commonplace in retail stores where shoplifting, theft and vandalism can run rampant.

But what benefits can installing a CCTV system bring your store, and will CCTV cameras be key to solving your store’s shoplifting problems? Read on for more information about CCTV systems in retail settings, and the benefits installing CCTV could bring to your store and valuable customers.

Why do other businesses use CCTV cameras?

Across Australia, CCTV camera systems are one of the most popular, convenient and effective options to monitor a business’ premises in real time. CCTV cameras provide a business owner with an increased sense of security, peace of mind that potential crimes may be avoided, and overall, a lower chance that your building will experience a break-in or vandalism.

Common pain points for retailers

It should come at no surprise that one of the biggest problems retailers face in their day-to-day operations is product loss. Shoplifting is, unfortunately, a very common practice in retail stores across the country, and can leave retailers out of pocket and with a limited sense of security or assurance that their products are safe from theft.

CCTV cameras in a retail setting

Incorporating CCTV cameras into a retail environment is one of the most effective ways to limit theft, shoplifting and potential vandalism of your store. CCTV cameras can provide an ‘eye in the sky’ for a store’s security team or managers, and is a comprehensive way to keep tabs on everyone who enters, lingers in or exits your store in a given time period.

Benefits of using CCTV cameras within your store

  • Deter theft and provide increased safety

Above all, the most tangible benefit you may receive from the CCTV installation is a lower amount of theft and shoplifting – and as a result, an increased about of safety and security for both your store’s management team, and your customers. As well as deterring theft and shoplifting, cameras could help limit other antisocial behaviours in your store, and could also prevent crimes such as vandalism or trespassing outside of open hours.

  • Assist with marketing and sales

Adversely, as well as providing increased security, CCTV cameras within a retail store can strategically collect customer data and monitor shopper b to understand trends amongst your customer base – and market directly to these customers. As well as assessing these different elements of the retail experience, your CCTV cameras can collect valuable feedback from your customers’ habits to improve the overall shopping experience, and encourage shoppers to return and build loyalty with your brand.

Keep shelves stocked, CCTV your staff receive a notification and the shelves get re-stacked then and there saving time and money.

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