Finding The Right Access Control Security For Your Business

Mar 17, 2022

Choosing access control security that meets your business needs requires careful consideration. A poor selection risks impacting security performance, placing your business at risk.


For over three decades Castle Security has helped West Australian businesses pinpoint quality commercial security solutions. As renowned local security specialists, we are consistently up to date on the latest security technologies.


Understand your business needs


Defining security system requirements is essential when selecting access control Security. Being aware of what the market offers is also important, as additional included features may appeal.


Two standard steps at the core of commercial access control are authentication and authorisation. The first applies to proving identity. The second spans physical access, and logistical access.


Price and performance are affected by such factors as:


  • Identifying technology. Key cards, Fobs, Mobiles phones?
  • Single or multi authentication measures. How much security do you need?
  • Deciding on a preferred in-house authorisation structure. Who has access, and who grants it?
  • A number of entry and exit points. Do they all require equal protection and access rights?
  • Additional restricted access for specialist areas. Are there different levels of secured spaces?


Present security measures should be taken into account, along with the potential for integration. Onsite or offsite Security management is also a relevant consideration. Talk to the Castle Security team to ensure a comprehensive evaluation.


Decide between a system with cloud or a simple access system


A simple access control system offers authorised and authenticated access options depending on your business needs. These software systems are often monitored and managed through in-house servers.


Alternately, budget-wise integrated cloud access control is unhampered by numerous onsite servers requirement costs. This option can also facilitate cybersecurity measures thanks to regular and automatic system updates.


Clients often choose cloud technology for the practical benefits of remote management. And it’s worth noting, integrated cloud access control allows simple multi-system integration.


Castle Security will custom design an integrated cloud access control system for your business. For a simple access system, our team of experts can help you select, install, and maintain a premium model.


Evaluate the cost of different software packages


Access control software selection often comes down to budget considerations. Spending too little, or too much, are common errors. Expert advice will always be the best guideline for cost-efficient security solutions.


At Castle Security, our feedback is based on industry experience and extensive knowledge of popular software packages. We prioritise establishing and maintaining long-term client relationships.


Upfront, installation, hosting, associated equipment, and maintenance costs where relevant, must be factored into your security package purchase, and ongoing budget. A few questions to consider are:


  • How organic does the authorisation system need to be, considering staff turnover and transfer patterns?
  • Are we factoring in security features not presently required but likely useful in the near future, according to projections?
  • How much self-administration of the system is my business interested in, and will staff require extensive training or new hires?


Our team answers all your questions


It’s possible your large business would benefit from the high-end security offered by a Gallagher Access Control System. Or as a small business, the Inner Range Inception Access Control System, or Gallagher’s Small Business Cloud system would be great options!


As a family business, Castle Security understands the importance of tailored, high-quality service, whatever a client’s needs and budget. Source a free quote, or contact our friendly experts to discuss your access control concerns.

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