Gallagher Access Control Review

Apr 7, 2022

An Introduction to Gallagher Access Control

The Gallagher Access Control system is a state-of-the-art building management programme that provides high-end security and controlled access to commercial buildings. With benefits such as mobile phone card access and other system integration, Gallagher Access Control regulates commercial building access, maintains security and increases business efficiency. 


What makes Gallagher Access Control different?

One of the main aims of an access control system is to monitor staff and ensure that correctly screened personnel have access to the right areas of commercial buildings. However, the Gallagher Access Control system goes a step further by not only screening an individual’s access but also checking the validity of their health and safety certifications, licences and many more credentials. When these checks are integrated, it is possible to determine the overall safety of the commercial site. When this is incorporated as part of the scan in process, it notifies individuals if their licences are soon to expire. This allows optimum health and safety standards to be easily upheld in commercial businesses.


Some of the key features of Gallagher Access Control include:

  • Video integration

Gallagher Access Control can be paired with most existing video surveillance systems to integrate security products, increasing efficiency.

  • Heating, Cooling and Lighting System Integration

To promote environmental conservation and reduce costs, Gallagher Access control can integrate with building heating, cooling and lighting systems in order to provide electricity to the building areas which are occupied by personnel.

  • Lift integration

The Gallagher Access Control system can also be integrated into building lifts to control floor access to personnel.

  • Mobile cards

To the issues of lost access cards, Gallagher Access Control allows mobile phones to be used as access cards, granting ease of entry to staff and personnel to commercial spaces.

  • General Interfacing

Gallagher Access Control is designed with interfacing capabilities to increase its capacity to be paired with existing security systems and other technologies. This can allow for greater efficiency and centralise the building’s control centre.


Benefits of Gallagher Access Control

There are several features which are offered by Gallagher Access Control that allow businesses greater flexibility and regulation over their systems, some of these include:

  • Easier staff training

As the Gallagher Access Control system has the potential to be integrated with many existing systems, staff training becomes easier and more streamlined.

  • User-friendly system

Gallagher Access Control is designed to be user-friendly and create efficiency in building access control while managing all systems in one place.

  • Tailor-made to suit your business

Gallagher Access Control was created for flexibility so that it can be engineered to meet the needs of your business, its size and personnel requirements.


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