Hikvision: An Innovator In Network Video Recorders

Nov 12, 2018

We all know that technology improves, updates and evolves in what seems like the blink of an eye, so when it comes to big tech purchases, such as home security cameras, it is important to think about how you can future-proof your investment!

With the shift towards higher resolution security footage and remote access to home security cameras, Network Video Recorder (NVR) systems are becoming increasingly popular in home security cameras in Perth and beyond.

At Castle Security, we believe knowledge is power, so it is important to us that our customers understand what they need, what they are buying and ultimately, the capabilities of their security cameras in Perth.

What are the Differences Between NVRs and DVRs?

A NVR works with IP (network) cameras, compared to traditional Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) which record analogue or coax based cameras.

Analogue cables limit the achievable distance between a DVR and the connected security cameras, as well as the quality of the footage it records. NVRs use a network of different connections (fibre, routers, switches) to record and stream security footage of a higher quality.


Hikvision as a Leader in Security Products

With nearly 30 years experience in developing and innovating home security cameras and video surveillance products, Hikvision is the world’s leading video surveillance products supplier.

Their aim is to “empower vision for the security and growth of the world” which they are certainly achieving, with 7-8% of the company’s sales revenue invested into research and development for product innovation.

Hikvision’s strong market presence makes them the perfect brand to stock at Castle Security – on top of the Hikvision NVRs, we also stock products such as outdoor security cameras and Wi-Fi doorbells.

Which Hikvision NVR Is For You?

Every home and business has a different budget and different security needs that will help to determine which NVR will best suit you.

The Hikvision NVR products all provide audio and video recording and depending on the size may support up to 32 channels! The beauty of the Hikvision products is that they are so user friendly, not only can the product usually be set up via remote access, the NVRs also come with both a mobile application and PC client!

Below are four of the Hikvision products Castle Security recommend to home and business owners looking for CCTV installation in Perth.

Hikvision 4ch PoE NVR

This small yet reliable unit is best suited for domestic and smaller commercial installation, with 4 channels that can record 6 Megapixels resolution footage.


Hikvision 8ch PoE NVR

A great step up from the Hikvision 4ch PoE NVR, this product supports up to 8 channels with 80Mbps throughput! This high performance and reliable unit is flexible and can be installed for decent-sized domestic and commercial installations where a complete HD surveillance experience is required, with a clear 12 megapixels and the potential for up to 12TB of storage.


Hikvision 32ch NVR

For medium and larger-sized commercial premises, you need a security solution that will provide you with reliable surveillance, which is where the Hikvision 32ch NVR comes in.

The big differences in this product are the number of supported channels – with 16 plug and play independent PoE interfaces and up to 32 channels supported – the 256Mbps throughput and up to 24TB of storage for all your surveillance footage.

Upcoming Technology in Network Video Recording

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is slowly creeping its way into more and more of our every day lives, from voice-powered personal assistants like Siri and Alexa, to social media companies using AI to change the way we interact with their services.

The understanding and capabilities of AI will soon lead it to become an important part of home security in Australia, with the AI able to note the difference on camera between an intruder and a pet, alarming you only if they spot an intruder!

Another way AI could be used by business owners in their CCTV in Perth is to scan live video for ‘abnormal’ behaviour that could be associated with stealing or vandalism. Once the AI matches these actions and deems them to be noteworthy, it could alert the business owner and store the footage in a separate section.

Supply to Installation of Hikvision Home Security Cameras & NVRs

As a company who are incredibly proud of their strong reputation, the team at Castle Security go out of their way to choose brands and products that we believe in, that we know will provide the best quality and best experience for our customers.

Castle Security has partnered with Hikvision to provide our customers with just that – high quality products that are backed by a strong brand.

Choose Castle Security to correctly and efficiently install your home or business camera system, NVR and any other security products. Contact our friendly, professional and reliable team today for a quote or to discover how a NVR can improve the security of your business.

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