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Your home is an extension of yourself. It’s where you go to rest, where you keep your prized possessions, and it’s where you raise and nurture your family. Keeping the space safe from harm and from intrusion is of paramount concern for clients, and we completely understand that.

We want to help you keep your home safe, which is why we have spent years in this business developing our best strategies and services to help you feel safe in your home in Landsdale, and feel confident that it’s safe when you’re out.

Our Home Security Solutions

Castle Security is able to provide you with a range of security products and services from only the best and most reliable security product manufacturers.

We have years of experience, so we know which brands have a solid security reputation that has stood the test of time. We can install these products and integrate them into a holistic security solution that is specific to your requirements.

24 Hour Monitoring

With 24 hour monitoring you can move in and away from your home with comfort and peace of mind.

24 hour monitoring allows you to either monitor movement or digitally record any movements in and around your house, either on a constant basis, or motion-triggered.

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Alarm Systems

Alarm systems installation is one of the basic security systems that are available in a range of configurations, and can integrate seamlessly with other security features like CCTV and intercoms to give you a broad security base from which to build.

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Independent security products can be integrated to operate in a coordinated manner, which involved varying degrees of automation.

Alarm systems may be programmed to call security services if an alarm is not addressed, CCTV can be triggered to begin recording upon motion detection, and intercom systems can be directed to present a picture of visitors to the home, and if necessary begin recording them from the moment they approach.

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CCTV, or closed circuit television, is a system that allows you to gain a real picture of visitors and potential trespassers to your home.

CCTV can be integrated with motion sensors and intercoms, and live feeds can be sent to security services in the event of an alarm so the threat can be evaluated on the fly.

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Intercom systems, like alarm systems, are a standard security feature of many homes. However there is a great deal more variety now than there ever has been.

Intercom systems no longer mean just voice communication. Multiple intercom units can be installed at multiple entry points, and units inside the home can also be single, multiple or mobile, so you can carry the security with you in the home.

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Get Peace of Mind with Home Security in Landsdale

Castle Security knows how important it is to keep your home safe in Landsdale.

We have a huge range of quality products to provide a robust security protocol for your home, and we have the experience and knowledge to synthesise them into the security system you need.

Call or email us now, or come and see us in our shop so we can bring security home to you in Landsdale.

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