How Can You Let Emergency Services Access Your Apartment Building?

Dec 5, 2019

You might not associate a home security system with paramedics or firefighters, especially if you live in an apartment building with an intercom system.

But in an emergency such as a fire, accident in the apartment, or urgent medical situation, a smart Intercom can save valuable minutes when emergency help arrives.

It could be the difference between help arriving on time, and the worst-case scenario.


What to do when you need emergency services to your apartment

Intercom Systems are designed to make your life easier – but the right Perth home security system can also help in an emergency.

Most apartment intercom systems work the same way:

  • Guest enters the apartment number on a panel
  • Occupant buzzes them in
  • Occupant opens the door when they arrive

But what if you can’t access the intercom to allow access? Those valuable minutes spent trying to enter the building and climbing the stairs can mean the difference between tragedy and triumph for people living in apartments.

What can you do?

We install residential intercom systems in Perth designed to keep people safe and make their lives a little easier. That’s why we’re excited about the functionality of the Fermax DUOX access control system with XEO-XS intercom screens inside apartments. Fermax DUOX is an access control system with a sleek user-friendly interface, backed by serious brains and powerful features.

As standard, the DUOX systems are reliable, innovative (with AI functionality) and simple to use. But there’s one feature in particular that stands out for life safety reasons.

Doormatic, a standard DUOX function

Put simply, Doormatic allows for automatic access when you can’t reach the intercom. When enabled, the VEO-XS monitor in an apartment can automatically send a command to:

  • Unlock the front door when a call is received
  • Send the lift to the correct floor

Without the occupant needing to interact with the monitor. That means in an emergency, the occupant can activate Doormatic when they make a call to emergency services. If for any reason they are incapacitated in the meantime, responders can access the building and provide help.

Doormatic can be configured for one-touch enabling on the VEO-XS video monitor. It is a timed feature, providing access only when the occupant is unable to reach the monitor, and security at all other times.


Is it only for emergencies?

Doormatic is a flexible feature intended to help those who are unable to reach the intercom when a visitor arrives. Without Doormatic enabled, the occupant interacts with their visitor through a user-friendly video intercom system.

However, the elderly, mobility impaired, or those recovering from injury may have trouble using the access control features. Instead, Doormatic can be pre-programmed for appointments (for example in-home medical care or meal delivery), enabled for a limited time when the occupant expects a visitor or turned on when the person makes a call for assistance.

As far as Perth home security solutions go, this one ticks a whole lot of boxes.

Why Choose Castle Security?

Access control systems make independent living easier for many Perth residents and offer vital assistance in an emergency. Here at Castle Security, we’re always looking for ways to protect our customers using smarter, more affordable technology like the Fermax DUOX system.

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