How Carrying a Personal Alarm Can Save Your Life

Feb 17, 2021

Personal Alarms are handheld electronic devices commonly used by elders, children, lone workers, or any individual that may need immediate assistance . Its modern variations are sophisticated mobile systems. Some models are designed with flashing LEDs for low-light circumstances and loud sounds for outdoor settings.


Situations Where Personal Alarms are Useful

Handheld personal alarms vary in features and can have different purposes as well. Its core aim, however, is to draw attention or signal crisis to anyone within its proximity. Here are some common incidents where a panic alarm or personal alarm is very useful and potentially life-saving:


When in an unfamiliar place

In the UN’s global statistics, 35% of women have experienced physical or sexual abuse from non-partner individuals. There are a lot of disturbing projections like this in different types of gender, race, and culture. It’s better to be prepared for such circumstances.

A personal alarm has an SOS button, which alerts the nominated caretaker when pressed. Certain models, such Care Assist-Mobile, have a 4G mini GPS tracker which can help the rescuers find the wearer’s exact location in no time.


During fire emergency

Business advisor from Max Funding Shane Perry says, “Personal alarms can be used to help firefighters and rescuers find your exact location. With a Bluetooth anti-lost feature, the person holding the personal alarm can be tracked easily”.


For elderly or disabled individuals, it alarms their caretakers if they are in distress.

People that require full-time care are often required to carry their personal alarm with them, at all times. To prevent disturbing other people, some alarm devices are programmed to notify only the caretakers and other relevant personnel through their mobile phones or special receivers. Sometimes, these devices are accompanied by monitoring systems for 24/7 close supervision.

Some devices can be worn around the wrist. These devices have sensors that detect motion changes. Once they detect any major change of motion, the device sends an alert to the caretaker.


Immediate evacuation

Some scenarios are unlikely but still possible, such as needing to guide your fellow neighbours while in a state of natural calamity. This is an extreme situation wherein an alarm with loud siren can be your only saviour. A personal alarm with a Man Down Alert feature can signal to an external receiver that you’ve experienced a fall or impact, which can prevent you from evacuating right away.

personal alarms for elderly

How to Prepare and Use Your Personal/Panic Alarm

Some alarms can be strapped around your wrist, worn on your neck, or even torso. Some alarms are key-chained or can be attached via magnet, clip, or sticker. Although there are different types of portable alarms out there, one thing must always be kept in mind: quick activation. No matter how loud, flashy, expensive, or sophisticated your handy alarm is, it is worthless if not activated on time.

Choose the place where your alarm should always be. Consistently prepare your device until the process is second nature to you. Never put it in a space where you cannot reach it in seconds.

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