How Cloud Surveillance Systems Can Help Your Business Save on Insurance Premiums

May 24, 2021

As a business owner, safety and security of your property should be front of mind in keeping your premises and employees safe. One of the most effective ways to deter potential burglars or vandals is by installing a comprehensive commercial Cloud CCTV surveillance system.


Reasons why a CCTV system could benefit your business


  • Reduce your insurance costs


When you have a Cloud CCTV system professionally installed by a trusted security company, your newly installed system may help your business qualify for a reduction in business insurance premiums. Insurance companies recognise that CCTV camera systems can limit your business’ potential break ins and losses, and with a cloud CCTV system, insurance companies also recognise that the footage is always safe, even if the criminals take the physical recording device (NVR).


  • Visible CCTV security cameras are one of the best burglar deterrents


Installing a CCTV system of any shape or size is a sure-fire way to deter potential thieves, intruders or vandals. When interviewed, even burglars admit that security cameras are a deterrent. *In Australia, increased security accounts for 31% decrease in property crime and a working alarm system was rated to be the second highest successful deterrent (behind a barking dog!).


  • Peace of mind


The lowered risk of loss, including thefts and vandalism are some of the many benefits of having a CCTV system installed on your property.  But a key non-tangible benefit you will also enjoy, is the peace of mind it will bring you as a business owner, knowing that your property is safe and secure every time you leave it. Especially if your property is located in an area that reports high rates of crime. Plus, if you opt for cloud-based CCTV, this peace of mind can be verified at any time via a tablet or smartphone application, also making sure the evidence never gets removed from your business!


The growing popularity of cloud-based CCTV systems


One of the most effective ways to store content from your business’ CCTV surveillance system is on the cloud. Cloud-based CCTV systems allow business owners to monitor their property from wherever they are on their phone, and can help minimise cost, and time spent finding and reviewing footage.


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