How to Deter Burglars from Targeting Your Home

Feb 25, 2020

Perth records around 25,000 home invasions every year, plus another 75,000 stealing offences and 6,000 vehicle thefts. And those figures are rising. Home security systems have never been more important. At the same time, CCTV systems have never been more affordable or user-friendly.

It’s great news: you don’t need an army of devices to defend your home, and you don’t have to be constantly paranoid about break-ins. Installing high-quality security cameras is an easy way – one of several we’re going to share in this blog – to keep you, your family, and your possessions safe as houses.

Why burglars target certain places

Home invaders are opportunistic and sneaky. They target homes they know are unprotected and unmonitored, so they can get in and out without being caught.


What burglars look for:

  • No fences or gates
  • No alarm, CCTV cameras or security lights
  • Properties that look vacant
  • Isolated areas without neighbours
  • Weak or non-existent locks
  • Expensive cars left outside
  • High-value items like mobile phones, cash and jewellery
  • Easy escape and hiding places

Burglars will “case” (survey) a suburb for days or weeks before attempting a break-in. They are looking for the absence of a home security system and a time window to invade.

How to make your home burglar-proof

Knowing what we do about home invaders, there are some DIY anti-burglary measures you can install immediately. However, a visible home security system is the best deterrent. It shows wannabe intruders they have no chance of getting in or out without being noticed.


Home security measures

  • Security cameras
  • Loud security alarm
  • Remote alarm monitoring application
  • Motion sensor security lighting
  • Strong locks on doors and windows
  • Security stickers with the logo of a known Perth security company

Some of our CCTV camera systems have AI (Artificial Intelligence) features for you to monitor footage and receive alerts while you’re away of only events that actually matter. For total peace of mind, speak to Perth’s number one security company about 24-hour security monitoring.


General safety precautions

  • Be cautious about who you let on to the premises
  • Ensure doors and windows are locked every time you leave the house
  • Get a dog (for security and a friend)
  • Do your research on contractors frequenting the neighbourhood
  • Break down and conceal packaging from expensive purchases
  • Park expensive cars in a protected garage
  • Get to know your neighbours so they can keep an eye out

In the event you get broken into, what should you do?

Break-ins can really rattle your confidence and make you feel unsafe in your own home. Remember, the police are there to protect you from physical danger. Follow these steps after a home invasion:

  • Call the police on 131 444 and file a report
  • Try not to touch or move anything until the police arrive
  • Review CCTV footage if you have cameras installed
  • File a detailed claim with your insurance company
  • Clean up any sign of the invasion and repair property damage
  • Find ways to restore confidence and a feeling of safety at home
  • Increase security measures
  • Install security cameras if you haven’t already


Why Choose Castle Security?

We are a local security company working to protect local families from home invasions. Castle Security design, supply, install and monitor comprehensive security systems tailored to your needs and budget.

With our expertise and your vigilance, you can have total confidence in your home security system.

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