Is Your Project Losing Out to Theft? It’s Time to Invest in Construction Site Security.

Sep 2, 2018

Building theft can throw your day, week or overall construction timeline completely off, setting you back far more than just financially – and it happens far more than you think!

WA Police report that theft from residential construction sites accounts for 1% of the cost of a new home!

So how do you deter would-be criminals and protect your site from resourceful thieves?


Castle Security Can Help!

For all your construction site security, you can trust Castle Security, one of Perth’s leading security companies.

Castle Security’s state of the art security systems are installed and monitored in businesses, homes and building sites across the Perth metro area and country WA.

Our clients can rest assured that each security system is designed with the individual business and property’s needs in mind, ensuring each system provides the highest levels of protection.


The Importance of Construction Site Security

Unfortunately, locking up a gate at the end of the day is not enough to keep out would-be thieves; you need to invest in security measures that work. 

An Australian Institute of Criminology report (2002) found that around 39% of residential builders had experienced theft or vandalism on their site, with 65% of these victims experiencing more than one instance of theft!

Recently, some builders in WA have also resorted to installing GPS tracking devices in appliances such as ovens, whitegoods and hot-water systems to allow security companies and police to track their whereabouts.

Companies are choosing to invest in construction site security because the real cost of theft stretches far beyond replacing the materials, tools or goods stolen.

For a tradie or small business, it may not be possible to quickly replace expensive tool or materials, meaning project construction times may be blown out. Site theft can also result in increased insurance premiums, damage to the site and loss of new or upcoming jobs due to construction delays.


How to Keep Your Site Secure

As a construction site is constantly evolving, with new tradies or contractors entering and exiting the site with new materials, it is important to know how you can deter and prevent theft not just from the public, but also from any brazen employees.

Create a Security Plan Ahead of the Project Start Date

WA Police have created a great checklist to assist you to create your security plan ahead of construction commencing, prompting site managers to consider the varying stages of construction and the differing needs of each stage.

For example, during the foundation stage, you should consider measures such as temporary lighting and fencing to deter criminals.

While during the lock up stage, you should ensure appliances are delivered and installed in a timely manner, rather than delivered and left in full view. It is also important to safeguard the home or business by checking all doors and windows have sufficient locks that are locked correctly when the site is unoccupied.


Find Ways to Secure Equipment & Machinery

Expensive machinery and equipment is a thieves dream! Many companies leave large diggers, forklifts and the like in highly visible places, often with keys kept nearby.

Do your best to remove any equipment or machinery from full view of passersby and if possible, lock them in somewhere secure.

Consider locking smaller pieces of equipment or materials inside a locked shipping container or secure on-site building. The key here is that the harder they are to access, the more you will deter a thief from trying in the first place.


Ensure Assets Remain Secured

With materials and goods constantly coming in and out, it is important to keep a detailed record of the site inventory. This inventory will help to pinpoint when a theft may have occurred – allowing you to revisit security footage and find the thief!

At the various stages of construction, you should also work to ensure that any materials or goods coming into the site are secured. You can achieve this by only bringing in materials as needed, having appliances installed as soon as they arrive or keeping any additional materials out of sight and locked away.


Monitor Your Site with Construction Surveillance

CCTV systems not only act as a deterrent to criminals, they also provide incriminating evidence when it comes to catching these crooks!

When you have your security cameras installed by Castle Security, we will make sure the cameras are visible, with signage advertising to thieves that the site is secure and off-limits.


Construction Site Security System Installation with Castle Security

Before you undertake your next construction project, speak to one of Perth’s leading security companies: Castle Security.

Castle Security provides numerous options for all project budgets for your site’s security. We treat every client as an individual, tailoring our security to your needs, with security system installation and CCTV systems to protect your site.

It isn’t possible for you to be on-site 24/7, but we can! Our team can provide the peace of mind you deserve by installing, maintaining, and monitoring your construction site for you.


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