What Level of Security Should I be Considering for My Small Commercial Business Premises?

Mar 16, 2017

Every small commercial business needs to invest in security measures designed for the specific risks and threats that it faces. Along with computer security systems that protect important information, including customers’ financial and personal details, a security system combining alarms and cameras is essential. As alarm and CCTV systems come in all sizes, all Perth businesses are empowered to protect their commercial premises, their stock, equipment and other critical assets.


Options – Choose the Security System That’s Right for Your Business

At Castle Security, Perth’s foremost commercial security company, our range of security systems and options is particularly broad, enabling every small business to choose the right level of security for their needs. The cost of a commercial security system is comparable to installing a security camera system at your Perth home and just as you can lower your home insurance premiums with a security system, so too can you lower the business insurance premiums you pay. Below are some of our commercial security solutions and how they may be suitable for your business.


Alarm Systems

An alarm system is essential for all businesses whether located in the inner-city around Northbridge or Subiaco, or on the outskirts in Martin or Maddington where crime rates are higher than average. The complexity of the system required will depend on the commercial premises, the location, layout, the assets on the premises and other factors. It may combine security cameras which enable remote monitoring, or it could be a simple intrusion detection alarm which is set off by any movement detected inside the workplace.


Video Surveillance

Installing security camera systems at Perth commercial premises serves as an effective deterrent to intruders, protects staff members and business assets and reduces theft. The cost of purchasing and installing a suitable CCTV camera system is offset over time by reducing financial losses caused by customer/employee theft.


Access Control Systems

Not all small businesses have need of an access control system, though these systems can be integrated into larger security systems and offer benefits such as reduced likelihood of break-ins by eliminating the need for physical keys, increased employee accountability and enabling remote access.


24-Hour Alarm Monitoring

This service provides extra peace of mind for business owners who worry about what they’d do if the alarm system was activated. If the alarm was tripped at any time of the day or night, you’d be notified immediately and have the option of a security guard response.


Security System Specialists

When exploring your options, it’s important to weigh the cost of the security system against the potential for risk. This means evaluating the value of the assets on the premises, the loss of income caused by a break-in and other knock-on costs, including increased insurance premiums, and comparing it against the cost of the security system.

As most small business owners find, when they weigh up the potential for loss against the cost of installing a suitable alarm and CCTV system, investing in an innovative security solution from Castle Security is the right choice to make. To protect your business premises and assets with a state-of-the-art security system, discuss your requirements with Perth’s security specialists today.

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