Medical Security: Solutions for the Elderly & Disabled

Aug 28, 2019

According to the latest census data, 51% of all Australians aged 85 and 18% of people with disability are living alone.

Independent living is an important factor in the quality of life for many ageing and mobility impaired people – but what about you, their loved ones worrying about their safety day and night?

That’s where medical security comes in.

From medical alarms that provide instant alerts in case of fall, to duress alarms for people living alone, through to total home security systems for the elderly and disabled, independence has never been easier or smarter.

Medical security systems not only enable the elderly and mobility impaired to live a life they enjoy, they give carers and loved ones peace of mind as well.

What Is Medical Security?

Medical security ranges from small personal alarms to in-home security systems like CCTV and alarms. Personal alarms help Perth residents in a variety of situations to live independently:

  • Elderly and ageing
  • Mentally disabled
  • Mobility impaired
  • Recovering from surgery
  • At-risk due to illness

Depending on the person’s lifestyle and needs, there are a wide range of solutions available and new innovations hitting the market every year.

Medical alarms

Lightweight and non-obtrusive pendants with fall detectors can be setup to provide an instant medic alert to Perth emergency services and alert a preselected list of contacts in case of a fall. They are small, portable, relatively inexpensive and can be configured based on the person’s needs.

Personal alarms

Personal alarms may not be new to Australia, but their capabilities are always improving. They are available as pendants and/or standalone units with a button to call for help in case of an emergency, like an intruder threat or medical issue. For the elderly and mobility impaired living alone, personal alarms and duress alarms can be lifesaving.

Home security system

Unfortunately, elderly people living alone are a common break-in target. Home security systems including alarms and CCTV deter thieves and prevent personal harm, and are becoming more affordable every year.

The best solution for Perth medical alerts will be the one that integrates with the person’s lifestyle and is easy to use in case of emergency.

Personal Alarms vs Smartphone Apps

With instant communication and free medical alert apps available on smartphones, you may be wondering why personal alarms are still necessary.

Medical alarms and duress alarms are designed to activate instantly. When the device senses a fall a medic alert is automatically sent out, or in the case of a duress alarm the large button is readily accessible.

Relying on a smartphone means the person must be capable of finding, unlocking, and using the device when they need help.

Personal Medical Alarms for Ultimate Peace of Mind

Castle Security are always making innovative security products available for Perth residents. With a wide range of home security solutions already available and medical alarms soon to follow, we can help you live a worry-free life with the most reliable personal alarms in Perth.

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