Monitor Your Business For Both Fire and Security In One Place

Apr 1, 2021

Traditionally housed as two distinct, separate systems, most modern businesses who utilise fire monitoring services need to install both a security monitoring system and a separate fire monitoring system.

However, there may be a simpler way to combine the utility of both of these systems. Thanks to advancements in technology, some systems can now be managed and monitored via a single point of contact.

Before we dive into this revised single point of contact, it’s important to understand the functions, benefits, and technical features of each separate system.

What is commercial fire monitoring, and what does it entail?

A commercial fire monitoring system is one of the more reliable ways a business or organisation can monitor and potentially protect their premises from fire. If a fire does break out, these systems have the ability to sound alarms and alert relevant emergency services to attend to the scene and put it out.

Having reliable commercial fire monitoring systems in place is crucial in preventing overall damage to your premises, and protecting your staff members if they are onsite during a fire emergency. A fire monitoring system can include any number of devices or components, but will typically include a loud alarm signal, smoke sensors, thermal sensors, and in some cases sprinkler systems.

Depending on the type of building you are in and what fire code you fall under having two separate systems is not always required.

What is a security monitoring system, and what does it involve?

Security monitoring systems feature a number of devices that serve to protect a property against potential intrusion. These systems are usefully customizable and can feature a wide array of different components depending on the size or security requirements of your premises.

Common parts of a security monitoring system include an alarm, motion sensors, a control panel or touchpad that serves as the system’s primary controller, and CCTV cameras.

In general terms, security monitoring systems are designed to secure a building. If a potential intrusion occurs, from the secure building the system will communicate with a control panel and alert the control room which area of the building has been compromised, if partnered with a monitored CCTV system the control room can then check the footage and take the necessary next steps.

Managing these two systems through a single point of contact

By integrating your commercial fire monitoring system and security monitoring system together, you’ll experience a far more seamless and reliable series of events in case of an emergency. If a fire occurs on your property and you have integrated these two systems, here’s what will happen:

  1. A fire alarm is triggered. This could occur after a manual alarm Push Button or could be actioned by a nearby smoke or thermal detector.
  2. The alarm signal is sent to your security monitoring team, who alerts emergency services. This occurs via a control panel on your fire alarm system.

Once emergency services are at the scene, you as the business or property owner will be notified of the event (if you aren’t currently on the premises).

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