How the NBN Will Affect Your Monitored Home Alarm System

Dec 13, 2016

At the time of writing, there are two main ways in which 24-hour alarm monitoring services can be delivered in Australia: via conventional PSTN phone lines or via systems that are accessed through cellular networks, such as GPRS Network. However, this situation is set to change as the National Broadband Network is rolled out across the country. Once the roll-out has been completed in your area, PSTN telephone lines (landlines) will no longer be available so the question we are going to address in this brief article is this: What does the NBN mean for those of you with home alarm systems that are currently monitored through a fixed telephone line?


How the NBN Will Change Home Alarm Monitoring Services in Australia

Homeowners who currently use a security system that is connected to a remote monitoring station via a PSTN line will have to consider what they are going to do once the NBN is rolled out in their area. There are only really two viable options: modifying your existing system so that it can communicate with a monitoring station via a cellular network or, if this is not practical, replacing your alarm with a new system that is capable of utilising such a network. Whichever option you pursue, you will first need to decide which network you want to use to monitor your alarm before you make the necessary changes. As this choice will depend largely on the communication capabilities of your alarm system, the first thing you must do is talk to your supplier.


GPRS Network: the Future of Alarm Monitoring in Australia

At Castle Security, we believe the way forward is to invest in high-quality home security systems that can be monitored via the GPRS Network network. As the country’s only dedicated communication network for private alarm systems, it is designed specifically to comply with Australian Standards for alarm transmission protocols. This makes it the obvious choice for those who want a professional monitoring service on which they can rely 100% to protect their residential and commercial properties. Another point in its favour is availability. Because the GPRS Network system is accessible from 3G cellular phone networks, it currently provides coverage to more than 95% of homes and businesses across Australia. What this means to you as a business or homeowner is no matter what part of the country you happen to be in, you can almost certainly install a monitored alarm system that communicates with a remote station via GPRS Network.


What Type of Security System Do You Need?

There are a variety of commercial and home alarm systems that can utilise the GPRS Network network so the best thing to do if you are not sure whether you need to modify or replace your existing system is to give us a call whenever you have a moment to spare. It is worth bearing in mind that a major benefit of upgrading your system to work with the new network is that it will no longer be possible for prospective intruders to disable it by cutting your phone line, making your property more secure than ever before.

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