Not Just for Security: Other Uses for CCTV

Jan 21, 2021

If you’re a business owner you’ll know one of the most important things you can control is your premises’ security. And often, security and surveillance are synonymous with CCTV cameras, one of the most popular security systems on the market.

But did you know CCTV cameras can be used for more than just monitoring your business’ premises?

It may come as a surprise to some, but CCTV camera systems are incredibly versatile pieces of equipment. So, we’ve done a deep dive to unveil some other uses and reasons businesses across the country are utilising CCTV systems.

How CCTV cameras are typically used

Typically, CCTV camera systems are purchased and installed to empower a business owner to monitor their premises 24/7, no matter where they are. Cloud-based CCTV camera security systems are particularly popular for this very reason – as technology advances, those who monitor CCTV camera systems are able to view live CCTV feeds of their premises from remote location thanks to handy phone applications.

A few different ways CCTV cameras are used

Along with increased security, the opportunity for monitoring and surveillance, and comfort and peace of mind, CCTV cameras are being used across the globe for a variety of different reasons, including:

  • To market retail products or stores

By placing CCTV cameras in shopping centres or retail environments, managers can collect specific demographic data, recognise shopping patterns, and determine how customers react to different facets of the retail experience. They can also collect valuable feedback from customers to build brand loyalty and encourage returning shoppers.

  • To visually reach places that are difficult to physically access

Placing a CCTV camera in a place which is physically difficult to reach is a great way to ascertain whether the camera’s location is a potentially hazardous place for humans to try to reach. This example is particularly common at petrochemical facilities, within surgical laboratories or in places where excavation work is being completed.

  • To create time lapse videos on construction sites

It’s not uncommon for key stakeholders to ask for frequent updates on building and construction sites. If you need to provide video or photographic evidence of construction process, setting up a CCTV camera system to film a time lapse is an effective way to collect and store this footage for review.

  • To improve traffic flow on roads

As well as capturing potential hazards or crimes, CCTV cameras are positioned around our communities to measure and improve traffic flow and congestion on highways, at traffic lights or at common areas of congestion. This provides a benefit to emergency vehicles, who are subsequently able to anticipate traffic problems before heading to jobs across a metropolitan area.

How Castle Security can help revolutionise your CCTV camera system

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