Personal Alarms – Why Are They Effective?

Dec 15, 2022

At Castle Security, we pride ourselves on ensuring that our customers feel safe at all times. As security alarm systems specialists in Perth, we believe that one of the best tools you can invest in to assist in your or your loved one’s personal safety is a 4G Mini Personal Alarm.

In this article, we explore who can benefit from this technology and why we believe the Meitrack Care Assist 4G Mini Personal Alarm in particular is so effective. 


Personal alarms are designed for people who value their independence and may feel at risk. 

Whether you are a senior citizen who is planning on living in your own home for years to come, or a mountain biker who enjoys heading out on solo treks, a mini personal alarm is an excellent choice of equipment that will not only boost your confidence in maintaining an independent lifestyle – it could well save your life.


  • Independents 
  • Elderly 
  • Those working alone with strangers 
  • Social Workers 
  • Lone Workers 
  • Medical Staff 
  • Disabled 
  • Outdoor enthusiasts 
  • Children 
  • Anyone who feels at risk 


More and more of our elderly in Australia are choosing to stay living in their own homes long after retirement.  The family home is their home, it feels familiar, safe and secure.  However, there are inherent risks associated with living alone, and the worry of an elderly parents living by themselves is also of concern to their family, so the personal alarm gives peace of mind to family members that help is at hand, should their loved one need it.   

Falls are a major concern for people aged 65+ with almost one-third of older people experiencing a serious fall at least once a year and alerting help to such a situation is made considerably easier by wearable technology such as a mini personal alarm.


Whether you work in real estate or social care, or one of the many roles that require lone workers to operate in environments that have the potential to become unsafe, working with strangers – particularly those who are unwell or even violent – is a significant risk to many roles. Whilst the risks posed in working with unstable people can not be completely eliminated, wearing a mini personal alarm can mitigate the risk effectively, and give confidence to the worker that they are not entirely alone.


If you like escaping to the mountains or taking on marathon treks in our breathtaking bushland, the solo adventurer is at risk of both accident and attack. A wearable mini personal alarm that is not only lighter and more durable than a mobile phone but has been tested to be water resistant for up to 30 minutes in up to 1m of water is a vital asset. Knowing that should you take fall or need help, you are in 2-way voice contact with a trained monitoring professional who can locate your location and send help to you makes all the difference when a mobile phone might be out of your reach. The Meitrack Care Assist 4G device is an attractive option to those who like to get out of the city – however, you should ensure that you are not roaming out of a 4G service area. 


It’s worth considering that these devices are also suitable for children, those living with a disability and even those recovering from a major operation, surgery or illness. 


  • SOS Button – Press and hold down for 3 seconds 
  • Waterproof/dustproof speaker – Water resistant for up to 30 minutes  to 1m in water 
  • GPS Tracking – Single/dual satellite system to support GPS, 
  • Fall Alert 
  • 2-way voice connection with the local monitoring station 
  • Auxiliary Button 
  • Small, wearable & easy to operate – Size 67.8mm x 44.4mm x 16.3mm  –  Weight 60g


Our friendly staff at Castle Security will take care of charging and connecting your 4G Mini Personal Alarm device to the monitoring station and it is completely set up for you when you receive your alarm. 


When a fall happens, and you are unable to press the SOS button, the device will detect any angle changes and will announce “A fall has been detected”. 

If you are ok, you have 15 seconds to press the SOS button twice on the device to clear the man down alert. If no button is pressed the device will send a “Request for Assistance”, and the monitoring station will call the user to ascertain the situation.  At this point, they use the GPS tracker to locate the user and begin the process of contacting the nominated contacts and/or the emergency services.


One of the main reasons we recommend the Meitrack 4G Mini Personal Alarm is the benefit of the 2 Way voice connect. Direct contact with a monitoring station is an excellent function as staff are on hand 24/7 to speak with the user directly and immediately, then proceed if needed to contact individuals listed on your emergency contact list as well as first responders in the event that emergency services are needed. 

Another useful aspect of this is that if you are in a threatening situation, you can discreetly alert the monitoring station by pressing the SOS button, who can then listen in to what is going on and access the situation, without you saying anything to them. They can then alert the authorities if needed. 

The Monitoring Station can also adjust the volume control remotely, should either party not be able to hear what is being said. 

The 4G Meitrack Personal Alarm is about half the price of other devices on the market with this capability.  


The tracking capability of the 4G Mini tracker is impressive. Using a high-speed location algorithm, compatible with the combination of A-GPS and single/dual satellite systems to greatly improve the location speed. The GPS Tracker location is one of the most important aspects of this device as it will pinpoint your location in the event of a situation. The device uses 4 different technologies to accurately locate the alarm. The GPS location accuracy can reach 2.5 metres. 


There is no additional charge if the device inadvertently goes off by accident. If you press the panic button for any reason the monitoring station would radio in to ask if you were ok. 

You simply press the button again to turn it off and go back to doing whatever you were doing. 


We recommend charging your device daily, and the Meitrack Mini Personal Alarm should work for up to 62 hours in standby mode without needing to be charged. For peace of mind, the device itself will alert you when it needs to be charged.  


Additionally, the smart device will also alert you when the alarm is out of range, service or connection. 


The Care Assist – 4G Mini Personal Alarm with 2 Way audio is only $249 (including GST). 

For monthly ongoing costs, get in contact today 


The Safety and Security Rebate was reintroduced on 22 August 2021 and now WA Seniors Card members can claim up to $400 per household towards the purchase of an eligible home security or safety item. 

For more information on offsetting the cost of your personal alarm, please click here. 


One of the reasons why we are so confident recommending the Meitrack Mini Personal Alarm is that we know that it works.

Very recently we helped a woman who came into our offices with her elderly mother. Our staff were more than happy to show the customer how the device worked and did a test call to the monitoring station right there in the office. The mother was still a little skeptical and pointed out that she had a mobile phone already but her daughter insisted that she take the alarm. It was fully charged and connected to the monitoring station when they left. 


Only a few weeks later, we received a phone call from the daughter who told us that her mum had unfortunately taken a fall in the garden, and was unable to get herself up. Thanks to the Meitrack Mini Personal Alarm and the Monitoring Station’s prompt response, she was able to get the help she needed quickly. 

While the team at Castle Security were not happy to hear that this woman had fallen, they of course were very happy to hear she received the help she needed, and thanked the customer for passing on their positive experience.  

For us it is an excellent case study on when a device like this proves invaluable. 


Our team of professionals have more than three decades experience in security monitoring services and as a result we feel confident in recommending in particular our Care Assist 4G Mini Personal Alarm with 2 way audio and GPS tracking. Ultimately, it offers you, your workers or loved ones the peace of mind they need to be independent. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to get in touch with us today, we look forward to hearing from you and discussing your specific needs. 

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