Intercoms are a fantastic method of voice, or voice and video communication between two people in separate locations.

Security intercoms are most commonly used between someone outside the building, usually at the door or outside a fence, and a person inside. The intercom is there for the person who is arriving to let the people inside know that they’re there.

As our technologies have advanced, different types of intercoms have emerged. Wireless intercoms are a good option for those who’s homes don’t have free wiring slots and don’t want to get them installed. Wireless intercoms also allow for more points of contact than just outside to inside, you can have multiple points within or outside the house.

On the other hand, if your building or home is still under construction you may wish to opt for the less expensive wired option. If you don’t mind having running wires, these are also good options if one of your contact points won’t get wireless reception (such as areas at basement level).

Finally, you may wish to opt for a video intercom. This is a popular option for many homes as it allows homeowners to see who is visiting and allows for easy two-way communication. Whether or not video intercom is chosen comes down to budget for most people.

More and more, security is becoming a priority for both homes and businesses. With options for every budget and so many benefits, there’s little reason not to install an intercom.

Seeing who is at your front door before you open it is a simple but hugely effective tool. Not only will you feel safe and secure in the knowledge that no unknown people can enter your property, but you can also easily avoid the people you don’t want to see such as salespeople.

For home-based intercom installations, there is the added benefit of having room-to-room intercom. Many families appreciate this feature as it allows parents to check on kids in another room without having to leave their current task. In large houses or with big families it can be hard to even find people within the house sometimes, having an intercom takes away the unpleasant yelling from room to room.

The same is true for businesses. In order to keep your employees safe, you need to have control over who is entering your property. Having an intercom means intruders will never even make it past the front door. Businesses can also be targets for unwanted sales calls. By having an intercom, you and your employees will be able to work efficiently without any unwanted interruptions.

Castle Security are highly and experienced in intercoms and can quickly and easily install the perfect intercom solution for your home or business.

Intercoms are a simple but hugely effective security measure. Call Castle Security today to talk to the experts about how intercoms can enhance security and convenience at your home or business.

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