What is Wireless Security?
For Castle Security, “wireless” refers to a physical security that is wirelessly and securely connected back to the alarm system. There are also security devices available which are completely stand alone and have their backend run through the cloud.

What varieties of wireless products are available?
With wireless one of the most popular options for all appliances, as well as security, there is a wide range of wireless alarm systems available today. Castle Security are experts in wireless camera, deadbolts, full wireless security systems, duress devices, remote arming, exterior sensors and sirens. With so many products to choose from, a whole alarm system can be made wireless if need be.

What are the advantages of choosing a wireless security system?
The main advantage is being able to secure areas that are difficult to access with traditional cables. Other advantages include, ease of installation, projects being completed more simply and easily, and in come cases even offering a higher level of security. Furthermore, with their increased popularity prices on wireless security hardware and software are becoming increasingly competitive.

Is it cheaper to use cables or cheaper to use wireless security?
The cost for individual security systems will vary a lot depending on what products are chosen as well as the size of the area needing to be secured. On some occasions wireless can be cheaper, however in most cases additional parts will be needed which can quickly add up. As the world moves to more wireless solutions across industries, prices will come down. However at this stage its well worth considering both options when creating a new security system.

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