Castle CCTV Cloud

Product Description

Why Cloud?

  • Store Video offsite for long Periods
  • Protect against NVR/DVR theft of Failure
  • Watch live and recorded video remotely via the mobile app
  • Be alerted when motion is detected
  • Easily download & Share video


How it works:

We can set you up with a brand new cloud system see below for options or if you already have a Hikvision CCTV system setup with 8 or less camera’s we can help give your system an additional layer of features and security.


Your setup options


New and existing install’s can be set up this way, We would install a standard CCTV with an NVR (Network Video Recorder) your cameras will run back to this machine and be recorded locally to the hard drive, we would then install the Castle Cloud Adaptor which would give you the added security of footage being backed up to the cloud and the feature-rich app that comes along with it.

Direct to Cloud:

This way we don’t useĀ an NVR (Network Video Recorder) we run all our camera’s back to a POE switch which is connected up to the Castle Cloud Adaptor for all footage to be backed up directly to the cloud. – If local storage is a must, there are camera models that allow for SD Cards to be installed, or we look at the above option.


Things to know:

Castle Cloud Adapter will only allow 8 Cameras to be connected currently if you are looking at a bigger system, we have other cloud plans available so please contact our office and speak to a consultant today.


Ongoing Cost’s:

7 Day Storage:

1-8 Camera’s
$10.00 / Month – Per Camera
View Live Video
Unlimited Access
7 Day Video Retention
Mobile App Access
Live Notification
PC / Laptop Access
SSL Encryption

30 Day Storage:

1-8 Camera’s
$20.00 / Month – Per Camera
View Live Video
Unlimited Access
30 Days Video Retention
Mobile App Access
Live Notifications
PC / Laptop Access
SSL Encryption

Longer storage available, contact us for more information.

An online demonstration can be organised and connected to existing onsite CCTV hardware if interested.

Full Quotes for Camera’s and Hosting can also be supplied.