Helix Wireless Panel Kit – Home Security Systems Package

Product Description

Faster, more Reliable Alarm Communication & Smart Home Monitoring.

Fully encrypted VPN communication from the security system directly to the central station. No NOC, relaying or signal forwarding.

Instant Response Home Control

Always-on connection provides real-time 2-way feedback on all security and home control devices, without frustrating polling delays.

Advanced Network Supervision

Don’t wait until the next day – know within up to 5 minutes if your security system is offline with Advanced Network Supervision.

Panel Sabotage Protection

Patent-pending panel sabotage protection provides an additional layer of protection to your security system.

The first fully wireless system that can be installed anywhere in the home to deliver interactive security and home automation services – one hub, so many uses.
Skyguard Helix Fully Wireless Alarm system

Package includes:

1 x Wireless Helix Alarm Panel
2 x Wireless PIR Detectors Pet-Friendly (RE610P)
1 x Wireless Reed switch (RE622)
1 x Zwave device
1 x Ethernet Connectivity

This is a DIY product, but installation is offered, just contact our office for a quote.