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Product Description

The Perimeter Packages designed for families who are looking for that piece of mind security.

Having a perimeter system will give you the peace of mind of arming the system on a night, still having the ability to freely walk around each room in the house, but knowing if anyone attempts to break the perimeter sensors will trigger and notify you before they enter your home.

Package Includes:

  • 1x Paradox 8-32 Zone Alarm Panel
  • 1x Beautiful 5” Touch Screen Keypad
  • 3x Internal Pet-Friendly Sensors
  • 3x Door Sensors
  • 8x Window sensors
  • 1x Internal Siren
  • 1x External Siren
  • 1x Plug Pack & Back Up Battery
  • Smart Phone App (option available)
T4000  Ultralite device
  • Connect T4000 to the monitoring station (monitoring charges will apply invoiced monthly direct debit or quarterly invoice.
  • Monitoring station calls you in all events and/or alarms.
  • Castle Security maintains your monitoring account and will connect to the monitoring station of choice or our default monitoring station which is Allcare Monitoring.
  • Can be set up to report through the App but the App charges are additional.  
  • Can later be monitored through the App only if this option is preferable later on (see option 2).
T4000 Ultralite device 
  • Reports all alarm notifications to your phone through an App.
  • Can arm and disarm the alarm from your phone through the same App.
  • Ongoing cost for App billed to you from Castle Security applies.
  • Can later be connected to a monitoring station if ever required (see above Option 1).


  • Some Conditions apply, give us a call to find out the nitty-gritty


Download User Manual

PDX-NV5 Datasheet

PDX-MG50x0PCB User Manual

TM50M User Manual

Spectra Datasheet