VIDEO BADGE Edesix VB-100 – Security Systems Perth

Product Description

The VB-100 is an extremely hard-wearing, robust and simple to operate Body Worn Camera styled as an ID card holder. This VideoBadge is suitable for use by those working in public facing roles across a number of industries. It’s slick, lightweight and discreet, perfect for interacting with the public.

Key Features

  • EASY TO USE: Simply slide the ID card up or down to begin or stop recording. Easy to use, even when wearing gloves
  • LENS CAPTURE: 90-degree horizontal field of view
  • VISIBLE WARNING: Visible “RECORDING IN PROGRESS“ sticker when switched on
  • DAY/NIGHT OPERATION: Street lighting and internal lighting is more than sufficient for evidence capture
  • CHOICE OF ACCESSORIES: Multiple mounting accessories, including Klick Fast, are available to suit a wide variety of needs and uniforms
  • AUDIO CAPTURE: Standard audio configuration is near field capture with background noise reduction