Safe and Secure Living In Aged Care Communities

May 28, 2021

Many Australians may find themselves living in aged care communities during their later years in life – and as their relatives and friends would attest, ensuring aged care residents (and staff members) are as safe and secure as possible is a priority.


Fortunately for staff and residents, there are plenty of safety and security devices specifically designed to protect and safeguard those working or living in aged care communities.


Safe and secure technology for those working in the aged care sector


Security should be a major focus for staff and family members in aged care communities. Products such as Bluetooth pendants, integrated phone apps and access control systems can help staff members notify colleagues of their whereabouts, and can help instil peace of mind for employers and employees alike.


In high risk aged care facilities such as dementia wards or hospices, more stringent security measures are advised to deter intruders and verify all onsite employees. These measures could potentially include facial recognition software, thermal screening (for health monitoring purposes), cloud-based access control and a range of motion sensors to help track facility entry and exit points.


Safe and secure technology for those living in an aged care community


Keeping aged care residents safe is vital for any facility owners or staff members.


In terms of personal safety devices, portable panic buttons are some of the most efficient ways for aged care residents to communicate in case of an emergency. These unobtrusive, portable devices allow residents to alert multiple emergency services – and depending on the specific brand, can connect to a mobile phone app to provide facility managers or friends and family with real-time updates.


Other, more common home safety features are also extremely effective when installed in aged care communities. Including video intercom, surveillance cameras, smart home devices (particularly with in-built emergency service contact features), and access control systems like intercoms to allow residents to monitor people coming and going from their unit or living space. A majority of these safety features have seen an increase in popularity following the COVID-19 outbreak in Australia, as none require close face-to-face contact to work.


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