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Midland is an excellent location for a home or business. The convenient connection with buses and trains, and the connections with state routes 1 and 3 mean you have excellent transport times to CBD and other suburbs around Perth. Plus, the historic and scenic aspects of Midland make it especially attractive.

Castle Security understand the value of your Midland location, and we are here to help you keep it secure. We will provide you with a security solution that is custom-made for your home or business. We use only big-name brands that are tested and proven in security and are 100% reliable.

Our Security Solutions

Castle Security is equipped to provide you with every product and service you need for a comprehensive and multi-faceted security system.

24 Hour Monitoring

Castle Security can offer you the comfort and peace of mind of a watchful eye always on your property.

With CCTV and/or motion sensors, we can make sure that every room of your home or business is being kept safe at any time, day or night.

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Access Control

We provide a range of access control products that can be configured to your needs, so you can monitor movements to and from your home or business, and restrict access where needed.

Access control can be integrated with alarm and intercom systems to maintain excellent control and alert security services in the event of trespass.

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Alarm Systems

Make sure your home or business in Midland stays quiet in your absences during the day, night or on holidays with a properly calibrated and installed alarm system from Castle.

We can scale our alarm systems to suit any size property, and alarms can be silent or vocalized, and connected to alert security services or emergency services.

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A modern, comprehensive security system always includes aspects of automation.

We can provide you with products that integrate and co-operate with one another, meaning greater convenience and control for you.

Alarm systems can be connected to CCTV and monitoring systems, so that motion sensors can trigger monitoring and recording, and access control can trigger the alarm system to arm.

Castle Security can build an automated system that puts you in charge.

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Closed Circuit Television is an excellent way to keep an eye on your home or business.

Not only can you maintain visual contact with remote areas of a property or harder to reach rooms, but you can maintain a record of visitors – wanted or unwanted – so you don’t just have to rely on motion sensors and key cards.

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Electric Fencing

Electric fencing can be used to keep a clear perimeter around a site.

It may be useful to protect domestic pets or livestock from predators, but also may be useful for keeping our trespassers.

Electric fencing may be newly installed, but it can also be retrofitted to existing fencing lines.

This is an extremely adaptable way of maintaining the integrity of your site.

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An intercom system gives you control of the entry and exit points of your home or business.

Intercom units provide a clear, colour image, and two-way voice communication with any visitors to your home, and even a night vision camera to keep control of guests’ movements at night too.

Intercom systems can also be integrated with CCTV and access control systems, so not only can you see and hear your guests, but you can let them in with the touch of a button.

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Castle Security takes fire danger seriously.

We can provide you with fire safety solutions, and we can integrate your security solutions with your fire safety solution, ensuring emergency services are called when smoke alarms are triggered, and the security system facilitates easy access of emergency crews, disabling electric fencing or access control where needed.

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With our years of experience, Castle Security can offer you a clear, detailed and accurate quote, completely free and with no obligation.

We are confident that we can provide you with the best security solution for your needs.

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Get Peace of Mind with Security Systems in Midland

Castle Security has everything you need to make your home or business safe. We are experienced providers of security solutions in a range of locations and capacities, and we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and giving security solutions that meet our customers’ needs precisely. We want to help you invest in your security and get you the best security for your money.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your security. We have everything you need to keep you, your family and your employees safe!

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