Electric Fencing

At its simplest, electric fencing consists of a wire through which electrical pulses are sent to deter breaches, either in or out. They can be used in a wide range of situations and configurations commercially, industrially and agriculturally. But in recent years, digital developments have made electrical fencing far more customisable, integrated and efficient.

Castle Security can provide you with expert advice for creating and maintaining high-spec electric fencing for your location anywhere around the Perth and greater WA region. We understand the importance of creating a consistent and uninterrupted perimeter that you can control according to your needs, and we have a range of products and services that we can put at your disposal to give you the security that suits your space.

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Investing in Reliable Perimeter Security

There’s no use in an electric fence that you can’t depend on. You need to know, at any time, day or night, your electric fencing is working as you expect. Whether that is for protecting your business, or for keeping livestock safe, we know the importance of dependable security features, especially where safety may be at stake.

That’s why Castle Security is careful to select products with impeccable reputations: We know we can trust them, so we can feel confident asking for your trust. Your safety is important, and our products are chosen with that in mind. We are a proud Gallagher Security Partner and supplier of their products across Western Australia – tried and tested, we hold their products in extremely high regards.

Our Electric Fence Options:

Permanent Fencing

In scenarios where your fencing needs are likely to remain stable for some time, Castle Security can install a single high-tensile wire, or a series of wires to provide a clear perimeter and a definitive deterrent to would-be intruders.


Retrofit Offset Fencing

Where a fence is already standing, Castle Security can install an electric fence that is set behind the original, adding a layer of security without huge financial outlay or significant reconfiguration of current features. Despite being retro-fit, it can still provide a range of features and controls as if it has been built to stand alone.



Where your security needs are ever changing, we can provide you with portable electric fencing that can be quickly erected and dismantled according to your needs. This is particularly useful in the moving and transport of livestock as well as building site and construction, but may also be useful in emergency situations.


Custom Build Solutions

If you have specific requirements or standards to meet, Castle Security is more than happy to discuss your needs so we can provide you with the ideal electrical fencing solution that integrates seamlessly into your current security measures or sets the standard for future security features.


 Ongoing Maintenance

In addition to building your electric fence according to your needs, Castle is here to help you maintain your fencing throughout its long life, and to repair it in the event of damage. We take great pride in giving you a product you can rely on, which also means providing you with the service to keep it reliable for as long as possible.


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Castle’s products used for electric fences are designed to comply with international and local standards for electric fences in a security environment. 

Castle’s electric fence solutions ensures that it is not only safe but effective against intruders and the protection of people and assets.

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