Estimating Service For Commercial Security Systems

Project planning can be overwhelming; before your client can truly wrap their head around the scope of their project, they will need to know whether it is affordable for them.

As an electrical or building contractor, you know just how time consuming it is to compile quotes from a variety of other services, from security to fire and MATV. That is where a security company in Perth like Castle Security can save you time and money.

Creating a partnership between you – the contractor – and a trustworthy estimating company during the initial stages of project planning will pay off in the long run, both for you and your client.

Castle Security works with a large number of electrical contractors and builders around Perth; we are confident in our work and are always looking to build new relationships within the industry.


estimating service

What is an Estimating Service?

As an electrical contractor, you will be full-bottle in quoting and installing the main electrics of a building. However, when it comes to more specific services, such as intruder detection, you need to find a company who are experts in their industry.

Castle Security can provide quotes for commercial security systems in Perth, with common services such as access control, CCTV and fire alarms.


Why Should You Use an Estimating Service?

Finding a contractor who is an expert in their field will provide you with a much-needed safety net when it comes to building your quote for your client. An estimating service is beneficial to all contractors because they provide:


Increased Financial Accuracy

Estimating services, such as those provided by Castle Security, save the client money through more accurate quoting. Rather than ‘guesstimates’, an expert in the field can accurately quote on the scope of work and outline everything that is involved so that there are no hidden surprises.


Saves Time

Rather than contacting multiple companies for CCTV, fire systems or commercial security systems installation, contractors can save valuable time by obtaining a quote on a broad scope of work from just one company – such as Castle Security.


Expert Input

While an estimating service may quote to provide a service cheaper, it is important to note that the company doesn’t always have years of experience behind them. When it comes to experience, using a company that has expert knowledge in the industry will save contractors time and money.

Choosing a company such as Castle Security guarantees you 30 years of experience in design, supply and installation of residential, commercial and government security systems in Perth and WA.



Security Systems in Perth We Provide Estimating Services On:

An Estimating Partnership with Castle Security – Your Security Company in Perth

Castle Security has developed an enviable reputation within Western Australia, with over 30 years of experience providing top quality, cost-effective security solutions to their diverse clientele.

As a family business, the Castle Security team treats each job as an individual project, carefully developing security systems that are specifically tailored to the client, from commercial to residential and even government projects.

Building strong, long lasting relationships with quality builders and contractors is important to Castle Security, as it allows our team of experts to work with people who take pride in their work and strive to achieve the best outcome for every client.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Castle Security Today to obtain an estimate and discover how working with Castle Security can save you time, stress and money on your next project.