Medical security systems provide security, peace of mind and – most importantly – independence to Australians facing age and mobility issues.

Personal alarms for the elderly have been around for many years, however recent advancements in medical alarms and home automation technology make it easy for people to reduce their reliance on family and carers.

Medical security provides more independence, less worry for family and friends, and a better quality of life.

What is Medical Security & Why Is It Important?

Medical security includes a range of devices and applications designed to give the elderly and infirm an independent lifestyle, without their loved ones worrying.

Modern smart homes provide all kinds of solutions for independent living with confidence. From remote CCTV monitoring to personal alarms and home automation systems, Castle Security provide a comprehensive range of medical security options to suit your needs.

Who Should Consider Medical Security?

Independent living is important for many elderly and infirm people in Perth. Aging, reduced mobility or mental disability used to mean constant supervision was required even when the person was mostly capable of taking care of themselves.

There are many situations where a smart home with personal alarms and other medical security can provide a high level of independence:

  • Elderly person living alone
  • Person with physical or mental disability living independently
  • At-risk mental health patients living alone
  • Aging relative left alone for long periods in the family home
  • Recovery from a serious injury

Signal Distress at the Click of a Button

When something happens, like a fall or medical emergency, personal alarms can be a lifesaving device. The easy-to-use gadgets send out a medic alert to Perth emergency response services. In no time help is on the way.

Most personal alarms for the elderly are unobtrusive, light, and easy to use. Accidents like slips and falls can happen in an instant. Duress alarms not only provide medic alerts to Perth ambulance and emergency services, they can protect the elderly or disabled against home invasions.

Help is on the way at the touch of a button.


Everyday Tasks Are a Breeze in a Smart Home

Medical security includes much more than medic alerts for Perth individuals. Home automation makes independent living easier and more comfortable by providing one-touch efficiency to tasks that are becoming troublesome.

Reaching for a light switch, opening a heavy garage door or going around the house to turn off lights can become burdensome tasks when age or disability reduce mobility.

An intelligent system from Castle Security is perfect for the elderly, mobility impaired and intellectually disabled, as well as individuals and families looking for smart living solutions.

Castle Security: Helping Australians regain their independence

Castle Security provide tailored medical security and home automation systems with the option to link home security systems, smart devices, lights and more in a single easy-to-use mobile app.

Our solutions are tailored to your lifestyle and independent living goals.

To learn more about medical security and home automation, or discuss your specific situation, get in touch with our team today.