Smart Technology to Help Seniors Live Independently in Australia

Nov 3, 2020

Technology can be intimidating and confusing, especially for seniors who didn’t grow up with computers, sensors, and the internet. However, the capacities of technology can help seniors enjoy an improved quality of life through increased independence and connectivity.

According to a study, it is projected that up to 24% of individuals living alone in Australia will be seniors (aged 75 years and over). Numerous modern devices can help create a safe and comfortable environment for them.

We’ve listed down some of the modern devices that are well-suited for your senior loved ones who are living independently:

High-tech Stove Alarm

It has a built-in motion detector which shuts off the gas supply if no motion is detected within 5 minutes. Some models automatically send an alert to your phone in case of emergency and are equipped with a gas leak detector. You may also opt for device with a caregiver lock.

A home safety expert at Direct Appliance Rentals says “While you could swap the gas stove for an electric one, this would just reduce the risk but not completely eliminate it. The problem is that when people start to age, they become more forgetful. So, if they are still making their own meals, they may at times leave the gas left open.

Besides, these devices are not only recommended for seniors living alone. While you can always arrest the situation in time if you are around, sometimes you may not be there when they forget to turn off the stove. The truth is, you never know. And it’s better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, to be safe, try to get a new gadget that can really protect seniors who forget the stove on.”

Stovetop Fire Suppressor

For your peace of mind, install this device in the kitchen to prevent any fire accidents. It is designed to put out fires and instantly works the moments it comes in contact with flames.

Digital Dispenser

This dispenses medication at the time you set for each day. Some brands can hold up to 10 different pills of different shapes and sizes and can store up 90 days-worth of supply. The medication schedule can be customized and the consumption can be tracked through an app.

Voice Activated Devices

Such as Alexa and Google Home, these devices can do the following after you activate them with your voice:

  • Call emergency numbers
  • Remind seniors of medication, doctor’s appointments, TV show schedule
  • Call Uber / Lyft
  • Play songs, find nearest restaurants, etc.

Smart Lighting

According to Australian and New Zealand Falls Prevention Society, it is estimated that 30% of adults over 65 experience at least 1 fall per year. It is indeed a major health concern for such age group.

Smart lighting can prevent falls and other accidents by ensuring that there’s enough lighting around a senior’s home. This type of technology allows you to turn on the lights using an app or via voice command. Other systems use motion detector so that the room instantly lights up the moment you step in it.

Smart Home Security Equipment

Some security systems are designed for seniors. These are easy-to-use, with large buttons and well-lit panels. Most systems are built with security cameras, sensors, and alarms installed around the house. With this technology, your loved one can check his/her surroundings through a single monitor (which can be installed beside his/her bed) and call for help without leaving the room.

Other equipment allows you to get a real-time footage of your home through a smartphone app. This is useful in case you can’t contact your loved one or you need to check if the appliances were turned off.

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