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Security Self-Monitoring Made Easy

T4000 Alarm Communicator

From Just $19.36 Per Month

Stop paying for expensive 24 hour monitoring services – take control of your alarm system with 24/7 smart phone monitoring at half the cost. Know your home or business is safe and secure 100% of the time no matter where you are in the world.


Cut Ongoing Costs

Forget paying $50 a month to a company for back-to-base monitoring. For just $19.36 a month, you can self-monitor!


24/7 Live Notifications

Receive live notifications of all events including arming/disarming, alarms, and many more.


Anytime Access

Check on the status of your alarm anytime, anywhere in the world using our intuitive mobile app.

Make Your Life Easier Today

Gone are the days of expensive back-to-base monitoring.
Now you have all the security you need in the palm of your hand.

Upgrade or Start New

One of the great advantages of the T4000 system is that it is compatible with almost all existing security panels, or alternatively, we can install your T4000 along with a brand new security system!  

Monitor Yourself or Use Back-to-Base Monitoring?

The T4000 gives you the option to monitor yourself as well as have back to base monitoring – this is great when you travel or own a business.

Why T4000?

The ultimate home or business solution – get notifications straight to your phone for your home or business and check for yourself if everything seems the norm. If your property looks secure and your mind is at ease, rearming your security system is a quick button click away – no third party needed!

✓   Highly secure 4G communication

✓   NBN compatible

✓   Smart phone control

✓   Highly secure encrypted transmission

✓   Watch live & receive instant alerts

✓   Remotely arm/disarm connected alarm system

✓   Minimal IT support required and no monitoring management

✓   Dual SIM network technology

✓   Compatible with most alarm systems

✓   Remote firmware update capability

Pay one up front cost for supply & install then only $19.36 per month after!

*Cost for supply & install is $363

Get Your T4000 System Today

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