The Benefits of Monitoring Your Business Security System, Including Video Verification

Mar 22, 2023

Security is a crucial aspect in protecting what you have worked hard for … your business. As a business owner or manager, you can do everything you can to ensure the business is well protected from theft, vandalism, and other forms of criminal activity by implementing one or more security systems, but that is only part of the solution. There is also the monitoring of events going on at your business, whether they be inside or outside of the premises, whether you need to monitor staff or would be intruders or both. 

So what are the best options? 

You have the option of Back to Base Monitoring, sometimes referred to as professional monitoring, which means you use the services of a professional Monitoring Control Station to watch over your premises 24/7 for you, or you can choose Self-Monitoring, where you keep an eye on your security system yourself. You can of course have the luxury of using both also. 

24-Hour Monitoring Back to Base  

Using a local Monitoring Control Station that you are connected with 24/7 means you have peace of mind that if any suspicious activity or security breach is detected, it is addressed promptly. With highly trained staff, you know you have round-the-clock assistance without the high cost of on-site security. 

The Monitoring Control Station is given a nominated call list, to contact in the first instance, to ascertain if there is a genuine threat to your premises, or if the system has been accidentally triggered.  If necessary, they will act on your behalf and send a trained security guard to attend the premises. 

This level of monitoring with enhanced response times aims to help minimize any damage caused, should any security breach occur, with the control room alerting the relevant authorities to attend the situation as needed. 

Back to Base monitoring is a far more structured solution with less chances of problems occurring, like internet dropout, and missed alerts, associated with self-monitoring.  As a business owner or manager, you also have the reassurance and support that if an incident does occur, and you are unavailable, you do not have to be anywhere near the situation, and it will be dealt with by professionals.   

Before deploying anyone to your premises, the control room will confirm what the issue is and what level of response is needed.  If police or fire are not required, they can send their trained security guard to attend and reset the alarm.  This alone can save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary callout fees. 

A monitored security system serves as a powerful deterrent against potential criminals, and also against any potential incident within the company.  When a business has a visible security system in place, it sends a clear message to everybody that their actions are being watched. 

24/7 Back to Base Monitoring is a great solution for larger businesses, where keeping a view on multiple locations at all times would just not be manageable, and it is a great way to keep your insurance premiums in check. 

CCTV Video Verification 

Security monitoring these days gives the Monitoring Station or the personal user the ability to tap into the CCTV system at any point in time and see what is going on!  It’s that simple! 

This means that when an alarm is activated, the Monitoring Station is notified, and with their years of experience, they know for example if multiple alarms are going off, this strongly suggests a break in is in progress.  They will in every case, with just one click, get a live action view of the site to see what is going on and take the necessary steps to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. 

False Alarm Reduction 

Video Verification helps security personnel discern genuine security threats from non-threatening events, saving businesses substantial costs resulting from false alarms.  This also fosters positive relations with local responders. 

Learn more about our 24/7 video verification services here. 


Can I Monitor my Security System Myself? 

The short answer is Yes!  With technology improving all the time, self-monitoring your security system has never been easier.  Whether you have only a CCTV system, Access control or an Alarm system, or perhaps you have all of these, you are now able to access a live feed of your business’ security straight to your phone, with a mobile phone app.  You can arm, disarm, open and shut doors, it is a complete package that you can run from the palm of your hand. 

When one of the alarms on a self-monitored security system is triggered, it will send you an alert through the mobile app it’s connected to.  

In the event of an alarm being triggered, a self-monitored system allows you to assess the situation immediately yourself, through video verification. The next step is up to you. You can attend the site yourself, contact a fellow employee and ask them to investigate, or call the police, if visual evidence suggests that they are needed. 

If it turns out that an alarm has been caused accidentally, you can deal with it without any additional stress or consequences of 3rd party attendance. 

The flip side of this is that you have to be available to receive alerts on your phone when an alarm or sensor is triggered. Your phone needs to have battery life and a good internet connection at all times. 

If you are going to be away for a period of time, either for business or on holiday, you do have the option of switching to Back to Base Monitoring while you are gone, enjoying peace of mind, knowing your business is being safely monitored 24/7, and when you return, switching back to Self-Monitoring. 

Upgrading Your Security System 

Are you looking to upgrade your existing alarm system? The T4000 Alarm Communicator offers a great solution without, in most cases, having to upgrade your security system, and you can monitor straight to your smartphone as well as have it directly connected to a 24/7 control room if needed. 

This is a great solution for the small to medium business owner, who may not need the 24/7 Back to Base monitoring service all the time or at all!  Keeping tabs on your own business 24/7 comes with its own benefits and cost savings. 

You can decide at what level you want to be notified, at Castle Security, our expert team can set up your system exactly as you want it, and change it if need be!  With this device, you even have the choice if you are going away and do not want to be disturbed, of having your system connected to a 24hr Control Room for a short period of time, and going back to self-monitoring when you are ready. 

Learn more about the T4000 here. 

Easy to Use 

Business owners can access their security system remotely, from any location within the Mobile Network. They can monitor the system from a different work location, from their home, while travelling or on holiday. Remote access to the security system allows business owners to keep an eye on their premises when they are not physically present.  Forgot to arm your security system?  No problem, grab your phone and it is done! 

The Right Monitoring Option 

Investing in the monitoring of your security system is a must. Determining which system to use is an individual choice but both Self-Monitoring and 24/7 Back to Base Monitoring systems are valid ways to secure your business, each having its own benefits and drawbacks. 

With Self-Monitoring costing less and giving you direct control, and Back to Base Monitoring giving you greater peace of mind with having a full team backing you up should you need it, it is probably not that difficult a decision to make, on which way to go depending on your company’s size and structure. You do not have to make that decision yourself though if you are unsure, our team of experienced professionals at Castle Security have worked with Security Systems in Perth for over 30 years, and are always happy to help you implement the perfect Monitoring and Access control solution to enhance your business.  

Don’t leave your business’s security to chance, invest in a comprehensive solution, tailored to meet your needs.  Contact Castle Security today for security alarm systems Perth.

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