The Digital Guard Dog: Access Control

Apr 16, 2019

Keeping your home or business secure is a no brainer; both premises contain valuables and irreplacables, from items such as photos and jewellery in your home, to technology and intellectual property in your business.

But it isn’t just ‘things’ you want to protect from intruders, it’s people too – your family and guests, or employees and visitors.

While we’re all familiar with how a lock and key can be part of a security strategy to protect our home or business, the digital age has enabled us to take security one step further with the advent of access control systems.

What is an Access Control System?

Access Control Systems from Castle Security are used across both commercial and residential premises in Perth. As the name suggests, these systems allow business owners and homeowners to control individual access to a property, enabling you to set restrictions and clearances for particular areas, as well as log an individual’s history of entering and exiting the building, which increases overall safety.

Standard lock and key security options give general access to anyone who has a key or can get a key cut for your property, which makes it easier for security breaches to occur.

However, access control systems are designed to reduce the opportunity for security breaches, as they reduce the risk of duplicate access cards and provide customised access to certain areas, controlling both stranger and employee access to the building and sensitive areas within the building.

Protect your Home with Access Security

Your four-legged companion may still act as a notable deterrent to uninvited guests; however having a guard dog is not a foolproof security strategy; even your home’s locks and keys could do with a tech-savvy upgrade to improve security! Why not invest in a digital guard dog: an access control system.

For a smart alternative to your homes’ lock and key security, Castle Security has you covered with a range of access control systems that can be customised to suit your needs. Access control systems for your home can go beyond just keyless door access; they can be programmed to control things such as lighting, air conditioning and your broader home security system.

Installing an access control system as part of your home security system is easy – you can DIY the project but we highly suggest to have one of our professionals install it for you.

Restrict Unwanted Access to Your Business with Remote Access Control

Whether you have five or 500 employees, there is a good chance you can’t have your eye across everything that is happening in your business on a daily basis, including security.

Access control systems as part of a commercial security system just make sense, as they limit staff access to areas within the building that are relevant to them, they are easy to use and in the unfortunate event of a problem, theft or even emergency, an access control system can provide you with access history for a particular area.

No company is the same, from buildings that span one floor to office towers that dwarf their neighbours, which is why Castle Security offers a custom solution to every business, making the process from quote to final installation a breeze.

Your Home & Business Security With Castle Security

Access control systems give home and business owners peace of mind when it comes to security, as they provide true control over who can gain access to your property as a whole, as well as who can access certain areas within your property.

With over 20 years of experience in providing quality security services that you can count on to secure your home or business, Castle Security are the name to trust when it comes to installing reliable access control systems across Perth and Western Australia.

Don’t trust your home or business security to anyone else, choose Castle Security to quote, provide and install a customised access control system for your home or business.

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