The Latest in Home Alarm Systems

Apr 5, 2018

We love to keep up with the latest and greatest in security solutions for our clients, so we’re excited to have the newest Paradox home alarm system in our arsenal: the Paradox Spectra (SP) 5500 home alarm system.

The Paradox Spectra (SP) 5500 home alarm system offers the perfect security solution for your home, with innovative features and the ability for expansion.


The Paradox Family

The Paradox family of alarm systems are known for their reliability and stability, as well as their ease of use. The systems make it incredibly easy for our installers to configure your home alarm, and get it up and running to help to keep you and your family safe!

With a Paradox Alarm System, you are not only safeguarding your home, you are also future-proofing it.

Upgrades and Expansions

The functionality of the Paradox SP 5500 is exceptional, and it comes with all the features we have come to expect from such a top brand, but its capabilities don’t end with the standard model.

The Paradox SP systems can be further improved via both wireless and hardwired systems, and can be flexibly expanded using a variety of expansion products, such as keypads, further detectors and the opportunity for control of the system via an app.

The Nitty Gritty

Not sold on the Paradox SP 5500 yet? How about if we told you that the system can communicate through multiple channels, including telephone dialer, and Internet & plug in voice modules.

There are some other stand out specifications to take note of:

  • It has a 7-inch touchscreen (17.78cm for anyone using the metric system);
  • By connecting the wireless device on the system, you can arm and disarm your home alarm system with your phone; and
  • User-friendly interface.

It also comes with two paradox digital motion detectors, which not only have a 3D lens, they are programmable AND pet immune, which means you can keep your pets happy and your house secure while you’re not home.

Choosing the right home security alarm system can be a daunting task, especially with technology advancing and bringing new products onto the market. The new Paradox SP 5500 Home Alarm System is just one system of many that Castle Security stock, that could suit your individual home security needs.

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