The Rising Popularity of Remote Access Products

Feb 8, 2021

Installing an access control system and products within your building’s premises or home can bring many advantages – but in 2021, utilising cloud integration is one of the best ways to ensure your access control system is secure, efficient, and accessible, no matter where you are.

The implementation of remote access control products is on the rise across Australia – but what exactly is a remote access control product, and why are they so popular? We’re diving in to find out more about these popular cloud-based security devices, and understand how the outbreak of COVID-19 in Australia saw hundreds of businesses make the leap from traditional to remote access control systems.

What is remote access control?

In generic terms, a remote access control system can involve customizable access control for each user, a reduced likelihood of break-ins due to the elimination of physical keys and the difficulty involved in duplicating electronic keys (Cards, Fobs, Phones) – and above all, the ability to access your control system remotely.

Remote access control systems can be controlled from an easy-to-use phone app – and if you need assistance at any time, with the right permissions set up, your security provider will be able to access and assist with controlling your remote access system from wherever they are. Depending on your security provider, you’ll usually be able to customize a remote access plan that suits you and your business.

Why is remote access control so popular right now?

When COVID-19 began to escalate in Australia, many organizations were required to rapidly adapt and send their employees to work from home. As less staff members across the country made their way into offices, many businesses used this time to perform a security audit and ensure their access control systems were up to date and accurate enough to prevent any potential security breaches or building intrusions.

If another lockdown was to occur anywhere in Australia, implementing a remote access control system is highly recommended for businesses to alleviate security risk, and allow employees to access their offices securely (if required).

Similarly, if you want your security provider to have direct access to your access control system in case of another lockdown or potential technical issue at your premises’ entry point, they’ll be able to log in and have remote access to your system. If you require their professional help, this will limit call-outs and make it easier for them to troubleshoot or control your system without physically attending your premises.

Fitting out your space with remote access control products

Installing a cloud-based remote access control system is a simple process. Depending on your chosen security provider, in most cases, you may have the option to combine your remote access system’s capability with any existing security systems your building has.

Then, access points within your premises will be mapped out and assigned a few access control system products (be it a camera, touchpad or identification tool). This can be easily adjusted to suit your staff’s needs and can include features like time-specific restrictions or multiple mandatory identification checkpoints.

Trust Castle Security to fit out your space with remote access-controlled products

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