Tips for Deterring Shoplifters at Your Business

Jan 10, 2020

Shoplifter are more than an annoyance for Perth businesses. WA Police figures show nearly 70,000 thefts are recorded every year across the state. The numbers are rising, along with the cost to businesses targeted by thieves.

So, what’s the solution?

Here at Castle Security we design, supply and install surveillance camera systems to meet your budget and needs. CCTV cameras are better and more affordable than ever, and as a family-owned Perth security company we are strong advocates for protecting local businesses.

We’ve learned a lot about what thieves look for in a store over more than 30 years in the security business. Here are our top tips for eradicating the 5-finger discount.

Consider store layout

Shoplifters know to target disorganised, cluttered stores. Not only is it harder for staff to notice something has gone missing, they also have more places to hide while they conceal the stock.

Remember, we’re not dealing with criminal masterminds: if a shoplifter can’t find a sneaky place to hide their wares, they will move on.

  • Keep shelves “faced” (product pulled forward to the edge in a straight line)
  • Design the floor plan for line-of-sight from registers
  • Use the layout to direct people to walk past the checkout as they exit
  • Put expensive commonly stolen items near the front where staff can always see

And don’t forget to have a well-lit store. This gives thieves no place to hide, especially with surveillance cameras watching their every move.

Train staff to spot suspicious behaviour

Employees are your front line against shoplifters. Providing adequate training and regularly upskilling staff on suspicious behaviour commonly displayed by thieves is an effective insurance against disappearing stock.

  • Train new staff to identify shoplifters
  • Create a protocol for staff who notice a shoplifter
  • Upskill staff on store policies (bag policies, greeting every customer etc)
  • Schedule staff to watch areas with commonly thieved items

There are a few common behaviours staff should look out for. These include frequently entering the store without buying anything, wearing excessively baggy clothing, avoiding eye contact with staff, and shopping in groups.

Surveillance cameras are more affordable and user-friendly than ever. You don’t need to go broke for the sake of security: here at Castle Security we design, supply and install CCTV camera packages to solve your theft problem and meet your budget.

Return on investment (ROI) is a key metric in any business, but is especially so in the retail sector, where profit margins may be narrow and could be threatened by the installation of any equipment that doesn’t “pay for itself.” Expanding uses of CCTV boost cost-justification scenarios for any retail business.

More cameras are being installed in retail environments, and the value of camera systems extends far beyond loss prevention.

The cost savings in stock control alone will be worth the investment in a camera system. Not to mention the peace of mind and staff security surveillance cameras provide to small, medium and large businesses alike.

Utilise Signage

Shoplifters will look for signs of a secure premises, so why not make them obvious?

Anti-theft warnings act as a deterrent for thieves, while regular shoppers without intimidating regular shoppers with good intentions. Place warning signs near store entry points, high up close to CCTV cameras and next to checkouts.

Of course, if you’re warning thieves their movements are being recorded or your premises is monitored by a Perth security company then you should be able to back it up…

Install a CCTV security system

CCTV cameras are perhaps the most effective burglar deterrent available. And if they fail as a deterrent, then you have proof because the crime is caught on video.

Why Choose Castle Security?

Castle Security are the trusted name in Perth business security, as we have been for 30 years. We specialise in the design, supply and installation of high-quality CCTV camera systems that won’t break the bank.

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